When a blizzard ends, what do you do? Do you get the shovel or snow blower out, or do you wait until your neighbor frees you? Of course, if you had a snow plow attached to your truck or SUV, you could do snow removal on your own. You could even help out friends, neighbors, and strangers. However, with so many options on the market today, it may be difficult to make the right choice. The selections provided below may help you make a decision.

Top Ten Snow Plows

Everyone has an opinion on what snow plow is the best. This is human nature. However, when lists of the top ten snow plows for Truck and SUVs are compiled annually, certain ones crop up in several lists. You will find these below not ranked but provided for due consideration.

Nordic Auto Plow: This lightweight snow plow is easily strapped to SUVs and sedans. It is for cars and not trucks, and is actually an affordable and simple solution to snow removal.

First TraxPremium Snow Plow: This snow plow comes in three different sizes – all forged from sheet steel hot-dip galvanized and powder coated to increase both strength and durability.  The snow plow also has a self-leveling plate and a floating knuckle. A hydraulic lift system and skid shoes also make snow plowing easier and more efficient.

Meyer WingMan Snow Plow: This model of Meyer Snow Plow is meant for more than home use. For that, see the Home Plow. It is intended for those who want to plow parking lots of retail units or apartment/condo buildings. Nevertheless, the Meyer features of easy installation and operation make it a viable option.

SnowBear Winter Wolf Snow Plow: For power, it is hard to beat this SnowBear model. It also sports skid shoes, plow markers, and deflectors. The assembly is a simple bolt-on process simple. This enables its attachment to a variety of different SUVs and pick-ups. The blade has been black-powder coated to increase its durability and longevity.

DK2 Snow Plow: This Canadian Company’s motto is to “Push Winter Back.” With the DK2, it succeeds. This snow plow is composed of durable steel and comes in three sizes. It is easy to both install and remove, due to its direct attachment to your vehicle’s frame. The inclusion of casters allows for easy removal and storage. Compared to many other snowplows, this one is more affordable.

SnowSport HD Snow Plow: If you are looking for a heavy-duty snow plow, this may be your answer. It is versatile – in some instances, it can be attached to either the front or the back of a vehicle. The blade is aluminum making it highly corrosion-resistant and light. In fact, it is one of the lightest snow plows on the market. This does not, however, interfere with its ability to tackle snow precisely and effectively. SnowSport LT Snow Plow: Small, lightweight, and easy to manage, the SnowSport LT Snow Plow is easy to install, easy to use, and affordable for homeowners just looking to plow a small job. The blade is 7 feet long, making it easy to clear a wide path real fast. A front-mount hitch is included to make installation complete and easy.

Meyer Home Plow: Made completely from steel, this snow plow has always been a favorite of those with light trucks. It is available in three different models – each designed to meet certain aspects. The least expensive is the Home Plow Basic. It requires some assembly before use. The second type is the Pre-assembled Home Plow – the name says it all. The final type is the Full-Powered Home Plow. Its features include a hydraulic lift and is intended for more commercial applications.

Bizon Snow Plow Blade: This relatively new product has a lightweight aluminum blade with a rubber tip. It requires a front receiver to install its mechanical push frame.

Snowbear Hydraulic PlowAnother innovative product from this company allows the operator to control all lowering and raising of the snow plow in addition to angling it. Courtesy of a wireless remote, all is accomplished from the comfort of the truck’s cabin.

BOSS Standard-Duty Plows: These made American steel, straight blade plows have been powder-coated. The use of a zinc primer improves the overall corrosion resistance of the blade. The snow plow uses a push frame to install. The style of its blade curl, as well as its reinforced moldboard, combines with other features to make this snow plow one of the most reliable and durable in North America.

Choosing the Right Snow Plow for Your Truck or SUV

If you have a pick-up truck, SUV, or Jeep, you can choose to purchase a snow plow to free you from the back-breaking work of using a shovel or even a snow blower to clear the snow away. Before doing so, it is imperative you look at these three basic factors:

Your vehicle: What type is it? What size, weight, and model of snow plow can it carry?

Your Budget: How much money can you afford to spend on a snow plow?

Requirements: What do you need the snow plow for? How much work is it going to do e.g., driveway length?

If you find you cannot sustain such a purpose, or it is merely a “want” and not a “need,” consider other options. It may be that a snow removal service is more suitable. If this is the case, or simply to explore your options, look at such third- party services as Edenapp. They are easily located online at Apple, Android, or Edenapp.com.

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