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About Bedford Park

Located in the Canadian province of Ontario, Bedford Park is a suburb bordering the downtown core of Toronto and is nestled in the northern portion of the city. It is currently placed within a larger neighborhood known as Bedford Park- Nortown and runs south of Brooke Avenue, west of Yonge Street and Ronan Avenue, north of Lawrence and east of Avenue Road.

Beginning as a stopover for farmers on their way to city markets, the area was eventually transformed into a middle class housing development by the end of the 19th century. With Its first homes built between 1890 and 1940, the neighborhood was most likely named after the Bedford Park Hotel, which opened in 1873.

Today, Bedford Park continues to thrive as an affluent North Toronto suburb. Multi-story family-friendly housing continues to be constructed throughout the area, however traditional homes boasting large yards also are available to offer plenty of living space variety.

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