Why Your Yard Needs an Early Spring Cleanup

March 21st, 2017

spring cleanup - lawn care

It’s time to think about a spring cleanup! While the snow is still not quite melted, Spring is definitely in the air faster than you think! With it, comes plant growth spurts – you’ll see nature come alive in a matter of days. This is why it’s so crucial to take stock of your yard and see if you require a spring cleanup to encourage growth and get rid of any damaged plants, shrubs and grass. Here’s why it’s better for you to hire a professional contractor:

  • To prune or not to prune? Did you know some shrubs shouldn’t be pruned in the Spring? If they are pruned, it might damage their growth!
  • Often times, dividing up perennials and cutting ornamental grass may require professional equipment like high quality shears or handsaws.
  • Your lawn may require aeration to stimulate movement of water, fertilizer and air and promote a healthy green lawn in the summer months. Aeration is done in early Spring typically by professional contractors who have the specialized equipment and the know how.
  • Your yard may have accumulated debris left over from the fall that you might want to get cleaned up and taken away. Who wants to lug around big brown bags of debris from one side of the yard to the other?

Here’s a list of things we can do for your Spring clean up:

  • Pick up any dead leaves; clean out all debris from hedges, bushes and shrubs.
  • Rake out any winter kill and/or snow mold from lawns and all grassed areas as needed.
  • Unwrap and remove burlap and stakes used to protect plants, shrubs and ornamentals over winter.
  • Weeding, cultivating, edging, and cleaning of garden and shrub beds.
  • Minor pruning, cutting back, trimming, and shaping shrubs, bushes, perennials, and hedges as required, to address winter damage.
  • lawn aeration if requested.
  • tree work if requested.
  • ….any other minor requests can be made using the comments section on the app.

Once your job is accepted, your contractor will give you a full quote when he/she arrives on site to view your property. You will then have time to accept the quote before the work begins. Also, you will have the opportunity to approve the work through an after picture once the job is done.

Ready to book your Spring clean up job? You can go ahead and book here.

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