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10 Great Snow and Ice Removal Hacks

The top 10 great snow and ice removal hacks involve taking preventive steps, making snow rolls, scheduling snow removal, using cooking spray on shovel, putting socks over snow shoes to avoid slipping, using salt to melt ice quickly, using comfortable shovels, using a tarp, adopting smart snow blowing technique and using kitty litter for car tire traction.

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As the mercury begins to dip for winter, everyone is expecting to see a dazzling white blanket covering everything in view, right from your backyard to the mailbox in front, along with the car and the driveway. Despite looking so beautiful the fact is that the snow and ice will need to be removed. To be honest, ice and snow removal is inevitable in winter and you just have to get it done.

As snow and ice removal can be a laborious task and has risk of injuries we’ve listed 10 great snow and ice removal hacks for you.

1. Make snow rolls

Snow removal doesn’t always have to be a tedious task. You can have fun at the same time too.

The easiest way to clean snow from your driveway is by rolling them into giant snowballs, and simply rolling them off your property. This is a fun way to get rid of snow from your driveway and you can include your kids in this too. 

If you want to try this snow removal technique, you need to make sure that this hack may not always work. For instance, snow rolling technique only works on wet, sticky, dense snow to make the ball and keep it rolling. So, if your driveway has dry or light powdery snow, then you will have to do it the conventional way using a snow shovel. 

2. Take preventive steps

Staying a step ahead of the snowfall is an excellent way to prevent snow and ice removal right from the get-go. You need to keep an eye on the weather and apply ice melt before any snow begins to fall to the ground. This precautionary measure is an excellent hack to prevent black ice from forming on your property. 

With that in mind, make sure to remember your plants and pets before using this snow removal hack. The reason is that salt can damage trees and plants along with other landscaping features, and is even harmful to the wildlife, if you are not careful.

3. Schedule snow removal

With snow removal, the worst thing you can do is to wait for the snowfall to stop. Instead, you should schedule a light shoveling every couple of hours, depending on how long the snowfall is expected to last.

4 . Use cooking spray

When you experience wet, heavy snowfall, it can be difficult to remove with a shovel. An innovative hack to remove this type of snow required applying some cooking spray on the shovel. This way, you will be able to remove the snow quicker and prevent it from sticking to the shovel. To prevent a mess, make sure to wipe the snow shovel properly before storing it in the garage. 

5. Avoid slipping

The risk of slipping in ice and snow is significant. Even the most surefooted amongst us have slipped and slid once or twice while shoveling snow and ice off of the property. So, the simplest way to prevent slipping and falling in snow or ice is by putting a pair of socks over your shoes/boots. This gives your shoes/boots more traction and you can prevent falling down and injuring yourself on an icy pavement.

6. Melt ice quicker

You need to be prepared to handle various problems that arise in winter. If you find the ground covered with ice after shoveling off the snow, make a salt solution to put on the front steps, driveway and sidewalk. Basically, you need to apply this anti-ice solution on any paved surface on your property which has foot traffic. 

You can create this salt solution by mixing 1 teaspoon of dish soap, 1 tablespoon of rubbing alcohol and ½ gallon of water in a bucket. Simply pour the mixture wherever needed.

7. Shovel comfortably

Snow shoveling doesn’t always have to hurt your back. There are several specially-designed snow and ice shovels available in the market today that are made for easier snow and ice removal. These snow shovels usually come with multiple handles, such as one for piling the snow and two others for lifting and throwing. This type of snow shovel usually has a foot rest to give that extra push to break up packed ice and snow. 

8. No-shovel snow removal

If, for some reason, you cannot use a shovel to remove snow and ice, then a simple tarp can come handy. All you need to do is to lay down the tarp over paved surfaces, such as front steps, driveway and the sidewalk, before snowfall is expected. Once the snow stops falling, you can simply pull the tarp and have a clean, snow and ice-less driveway. 

9. Smart snow blowing

The most efficient technique for snow removal is to snow blow the driveway. You can do this by starting in the middle and throwing the snow to one side of the driveway. Then, you can make a U-turn and walk down the other side and continue to alternate till the driveway is rid of snow and ice. This way, you won’t need to keep stopping to adjust the chute’s direction and usually won’t need a second pass to remove snow or ice from the driveway. 

10. Kitty litter

Kitty litter is excellent to provide traction on ice surfaces. This makes it incredibly useful for tires that need traction to pull out of a snow drifts. Make sure to keep a large container of kitty litter in the trunk of your car. Besides this, if you don’t have kitty litter, you can also use wood ashes, sand or birdseed for this trick.


The 10 great snow and ice removal hacks include making snow rolls, taking preventive steps, making a schedule for shoveling the snow, using cooking spray on shovel, using socks over boots to avoid slipping, using salt to melt the ice quicker, using comfortable shovels, adopting smart snow blower techniques and using kitty litter for traction to car tires. If, for any reason, you cannot shovel the snow and ice off of your property, you can hire professionals at Eden for affordable and efficient services.

If you don’t want to shovel the snow yourself don’t worry our trusty snowplow operator will clear your driveway! EDEN is just a Call away.

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