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10 Low-Maintenance Landscaping Ideas for your Houston Yard

Our list of the best 10 low-maintenance landscaping ideas for your Houston yard include choosing artificial plants, planting groundcover, installing hardscapes, using native Texan plants and grass, choosing evergreen and perennials, building a rain garden, building a container garden, using Xeriscaping techniques, and making a rock garden

Those who live in Houston can relate to the fact that landscaping ideas are limited. The humid, hot summers here are too harsh for many plants. Besides this, the area sees frequent flooding which damages the lawn and drowns the plant roots. In addition, many plants cannot tolerate the native clay-heavy soil of the region. If you find caring for your lawn to be a tedious task, then you can try our 10 low-maintenance landscaping ideas for your Houston yard.

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1. Artificial turf

Artificial turf

This is probably the most obvious solution to having an appealing yet low-maintenance yard. Artificial turf does not need any watering or mowing, and you won’t have to worry about flooding or high temperatures killing the turf grass in your yard. 

The reason is that artificial turf survives in several different extreme conditions, where living grasses get damaged and destroyed. The artificial turf is safe from natural disasters and can handle heavy foot traffic easily too. Though artificial turf can be expensive when being installed, it is quite harmful to the environment but extremely durable and low-maintenance landscaping idea.

2. Groundcover plants

If you don’t want to have a fake lawn but also don’t want to have to mow your lawn, then you can choose groundcover plants, instead of turf grass. Groundcover plants are lush and alive, but they don’t need to be mowed

You can choose from a variety of different types and colors in groundcover plants. Some look green and lush like real grass while others have colorful flowers that bloom at different times of the year. Some of the best groundcover plants that grow well in Houston’s USDA Hardiness Zone 9A include Periwinkle, Mondo Grass and Bugleweed. 

3. Hardscape ideas

Hardscapes enhance your curb appeal and property value and also reduce the time you may have to spend doing yard work. Hardscaping involves using non-living elements in the lawn, such as decks, patios, retaining walls, pathways and gazebos

For hardscape, the only kind of maintenance required is occasional cleaning. However, hardscapes usually tend to take significant space in the yard which would otherwise be covered with grass or plants that need maintenance. 

Remember to lay a solid foundation before installing pavers or flagstones, otherwise flooding and other problems in the future can damage and shift the stones, which can turn your landscape into a mess which will require extensive cleaning and repairing.

4. Texan native plants

Go native if you are looking for low-maintenance landscape plants in Houston. There are numerous native Texan trees, shrubs, flowers and other plants that need less care than many non-native plants. The reason behind is that non-native plants cannot adapt well to the hot and humid climate of Houston and do not survive without additional frequent watering, fertilizing and pest control. 

Some of the most popular native plants from Texas which would be ideal for a low-maintenance yard in Houston are the Texas paintbrush, Beautyberry and Lantana. 

5. Evergreen plants

Evergreen plants

In addition to native plants, evergreen plants are also low-maintenance options for lawns in Houston. Evergreen shrubs, vines, trees and groundcover plants retain their leaves year-round. This means your lawn will look green and lush even in fall, when other trees and plants are shedding their leaf-cover. 

Some of the most preferred evergreen plants that are grown extensively in Houston yards are the cherry laurel, American holly and a list of various palm trees. 

6. Perennial plants

Perennial plants are also another element for a low-maintenance lawn in Houston. Perennials grow back every year on their own, which makes them extremely practical for a yard. These plants help to maintain a lush green groundcover all year round without having to plant new flowers every year. 

Some of the best types of perennial plants you can grow in your Houston yard are daffodils, Yarro and butterfly weed. 

7. Install rain garden

A rain garden is much easier to maintain than a conventional garden. The reason is that a rain garden collects storm-water run-off, which essentially helps it to water itself. Once you have constructed and installed a rain garden, you won’t need to maintain it much for it to thrive. Besides being low-maintenance, a rain garden is also extremely helpful to the local environment as rain gardens filter out pollutants from the rainwater before it can flow to rivers, lakes and other natural bodies of water. 

As Houston already ranks among the most ozone-polluted cities in the country, installing a rain garden is highly recommended to improve the local environment quality. 

8. Choose xeriscaping 

Xeriscaping is yet another low-maintenance yard idea for Houston. The reason is that xeriscapes can grow and flourish with minimal water. You will rarely have to water it manually as it has stones, succulents and other highly drought-tolerant plants. 

Some of the best plants to use in Xeriscaping are the gulf muhly, desert willows and red yucca. 

9. Container gardens

Many homeowners are not too keen on going down on their knees in the dirt to take care of their gardens. If you are among these, then you should consider embellishing your landscape with a container garden.

A container garden has plants in bags, boxes, pots and creative designer containers. These can look just as appealing as a conventional garden but are easier to maintain and care for, especially for people with limited mobility. A container garden can also grow tropical plants easily, even those that don’t survive in the ground in the hot Houston weather. When it turns very cold outside, you can simply move the plant indoors to protect them from freezing. This way, you can also avoid the expense and effort of covering your plants or other frost protection method. 

10. Rock garden

A rock garden is primarily filled with rocks, boulders and stones of different shapes and sizes along with gravel. Think of it as the pet rock that you kept as a child, with the only difference being that a rock garden does not require maintaining. 


The top 10 low-maintenance lawn ideas for your Houston yard include using artificial plants, groundcover plants, choosing to hardscape, planting native Texan species, using evergreen and perennial plants, installing a rain garden, Xeriscaping, container garden and rock gardens. To find out more details and decide the best-suited plant ideas for a low-maintenance yard in Houston, you can consult with professional landscapers and lawn care experts at Eden.  

Enjoy a beautifully manicured lawn with our timely yard work services that care for your yard according to the season. Call us today!

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