11 Steps of Building a Treehouse in your Garden

Building a treehouse is accomplished with several steps. Some of the important steps include picking the right tree, getting a building plan, collecting all the materials & tools, building the treehouse platform, Add posts or braces as needed, Put down your treehouse floor, adding walls, entrances, railings, and windows, raise a roof and add ladder.

However, before taking all these steps, you need to be sure about the local building code, which will decide the further course of action in building a treehouse. Having a  treehouse is often called a magical thing, which offers you a playhouse in the air for your family. But building a treehouse is beyond just carpentry, which is an art form. Now, let’s start checking the steps of building a treehouse in your garden as under:

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1. Consider the local building codes

You can find some odds and hurdles with the local building code or the guidelines of the homeowners’ association, which dictate the location and size of your future treehouse. You need to check the local agencies that will ensure that you are allowed to build a treehouse, and you might have some restrictions or guidelines to check.


The last thing you would require is to check the issues you have for trouble building a treehouse and getting it down with some code. So, make sure you thoroughly understand the codes and move ahead accordingly. 

2. Pick the right tree or trees

The moment you plan to build a DIY treehouse, you need to choose the tree that will help you use it. The tree you choose will define the type of tree house you will build. For instance, your treehouse can be developed around one tree, giving the support to hold the structure or even secure several trees. Regardless of your chosen tree, you must ensure it is healthy, strong and competent enough to support the planned treehouse. 

You should be safe in doing this job; hence it is recommended to consult a professional to define the trees that will accomplish the job of hosting and holding the house. A pro is competent enough to sort out the tree growth and can even have the expertise to prepare the way the tree can help get the treehouse that will change over time. 

3. Create or buy a blueprint or building plan

For building a treehouse, you need a detailed plan to start this venture. You have to check several treehouse ideas to decide on the treehouse you want to build. Now, you have to list the tools and materials per the map. Take the measurements and find out a proper construction plan for the treehouse. 

You can always engage the young family members or children in this venture as they would love to be its part. Involve your wife by taking her input and making the treehouse her house. You can culminate all these ideas in making a good treehouse. However, getting premade treehouse plan blueprints can help get the best result. 

4. Gather all tools and materials

Once you check the map or are ready with the plan, you must collect the required tools and materials for building the tree house. Check treehouse plans to find out every item you need as per the map that will help you stage over the site of your tree. 

Now round all your treehouse building materials and tools so you are ready to go with the treehouse building plan that can help you define all the items you need and put them at the site of your tree. You will need many fasteners, joists, lag screws, and washers. Keep everything within your reach possible when working in your yard. This will further reduce the headaches one can face in getting things on time. 

5. Build the treehouse platform

Once the time appears for building the treehouse, it is always good to start with a platform. It includes the interior support beams and frame. Then you need to raise the platform over the tree at the desired height and add over the main support that will hold the platform. All these things might support and even extend it from the platform down over the ground for the tree trunk itself. 

6. Add posts or braces as needed

The treehouse you went to build should have additional safety and support to secure you. This will depend upon the kind of treehouse you are going to build, but at the same time, you need to put additional support to the trunk, the ground or the stable branches used for diagonal bracing methods. 

7. Put down your treehouse floor

Now, as you find the platform wholly stable and secure, you now need to add your floor of choice. Whether you are keen on simple flooring, including plywood decking, or opting for any advanced feature, you need to rest assured about choosing to add some weight to it. 

You need to check with the pro to ensure that the tree you support will help manage all the treehouse’s weight. Lastly, as we add the floor, make sure you leave some space for a trapdoor if it is included in your treehouse plan. 

8. Add walls, entrances, railings, and windows

Once you put down the floor, you need to start with the frame that remains over the actual house portion of the treehouse. When you build a wall, you need to leave room for the doors and windows. While building the wall, you need to leave space for doors and windows. 

If you plan to have a porch in your treehouse, you have to add the railing for additional safety. Once you find all the elements  Once you keep these elements in the right place, you must take the additions, including bridges, sliders or fire poles. This way, your design will start taking the right shape. 

9. Raise a roof

If you want to install a roof on the treehouse, this step deals with the same. With an advanced roofing choice, you can include shingle, waterproofing and framing work. However, these should come up with a good support tarp, or you can even consider a prefabricated roof. Before you raise any roof, you need to add the factors that act like an added weight over the roof. It will give the right structure to your treehouse.

10. Build your ladder

Once you are ready with the tree strong enough to sustain, it’s time to build a ladder; it is essential to add one to allow your family members, including kids, to climb easily on the treetop. 

Using a simple ladder can suffice your requirement; however, adding a rope ladder or a climbing wall can add some extreme amount of fun elements. It helps in making your treehouse a real fun place. 

11. Apply any finishing touches

Now that you see your treehouse is ready, its time to add some finishing touches. Try adding all the elements that can make your treehouse really unique. Adding some cool features to your treehouse thinking out of the box can be fun. 


You can put some pulley systems, swings, and slides to give it a good touch. Try themed pieces that allow your treehouse to look like a pirate ship or castle. You can think of adding other elements like lighting and interior decorations that can make your tree reach the next level. 

Do treehouses hurt trees?

In short, the answer is yes. You damage the tree with large fasteners and screws that can cause infection. Also, the added weight on the branches stresses the roots, trunk and branches. Even the added foot traffic affects the root.

However, the good news is that trees can easily handle this abuse due to hosting a treehouse on them. They can survive for a long without any major issues. Make sure you call a pro to talk about building a treehouse. They have experts in their team to help you install one for you. 

What happens to a treehouse when the tree grows?

If you have long-term plans with your tree, which the experts often recommend, you should build accordingly. If you can adequately build a treehouse by maintaining gaps and floating brackets, it can help allow smooth tree growth. 

However, if you do not want to plan for the tree growth, you may find the treehouse at risk of becoming unstable after a few years. It can even fall down. All you need to remember is that the branches and trunk grow with time, becoming wide and not long. You need to adjust the treehouse with the added height of the branches in your tree. 

In conclusion, building a treehouse is fun for both old and young people; you can love it by trying it in a DIY venture. The above are simple 11 steps plan to build a treehouse. However, consulting and hiring a professional is always a recommended option. You can call Eden for more on this. The result of building a treehouse is to offer a strong and stable space to enjoy, and a professional can help in achieving this.

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