Fire pit ideas

12 Best Fire Pit Ideas

Some of the best fire pit ideas are ‒ making your fire pit as a part of your outdoor living space, choosing a tabletop fire pit, placing your fire pit in a separate area, and using a fire pit as a centerpiece, to name a few. 

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When the air is cool, the best idea is to gather around a warm fire with family and friends. The glowing warmth, the dancing flames, and the crackling sounds make an evening outdoors more special.Therefore adding a fire pit in a landscape has become a favorite for homeowners. 

Looking to add some elements to create a wonderful outdoor space? Consider these cozy, stylish fire pit ideas to warm up and have a toasty conversation starter.

1. Make your fire pit a part of your outdoor living space

Outdoor fire pit

Create a full-on outdoor living space by adding an outdoor kitchen, living room, seating areas, and, of course, a fire pit. Fire pits make a wonderful addition to any outdoor living space, and bring a warm and glowing ambiance.

The cost of the fire pit will greatly vary depending on the design you choose. However, generally, an outdoor fireplace ranges from $1,000 to as much as $20,000.

2. Tabletop fire pit

Tabletop fire pit

A fire pit table is the best option to choose. It offers the function of a table as well with the coziness of a fire. Additionally, you get a place to keep your drinks and s’mores.

Fire pit tables range from $200 to $3,000.

3. Place your fire pit in a separate area

Fire pit in a separate area

Position your fire pit in a specific area so it can be used in times of bad weather. Setting it apart from the high traffic areas of the yard gives it a more functional and intimate feel, perfect for doing barbeque or just keeping warm under the sky.

The cost of a fire pit depends on its type. This concept may take $100 to thousands of dollars. The national average for a well-constructed fire pit is about $700.

4. Fire pit as a centerpiece

Fire pit

A well-built fire pit is not just a place to get warm, but also makes the perfect center of attraction for your outdoor space or yard. Making it as a centerpiece, it can become a beloved gathering place for family and friends, even when the fire is off.

The cost of using a fire pit as the centerpiece in your outdoor living space will depend on how lavish the fire pit you want. You can do it with a simple fire pit for less than $100 or with the expensive ones costing $4000 and above. Also, you will have to consider more furniture or potential hardscaping that your fire pit will probably require.

5. Make fire pit part of your landscape

Landscape fire pit

Fire pits with a natural look can work well as a part of your landscape. Depending on your yard design, you can create a natural stone structure on a gravel fire pit patio or an in-ground fire pit surrounded by foliage and logs. Camouflaging the fire pit with your landscape will make it appear like it belongs there permanently.

This type of fire pit ranges from less than $100 on the low-end to $4,000 and above, depending on the fire pit you select.

6. Add a wall around it

Wall fire pit

Adding a wall to your outdoor space not only brings privacy, but also offers many other functions. A low wall guards the area from view, protects it from wind, and offers a backdrop.

A stone or brick wall typically ranges from $10 to $80 per square foot depending on the thickness of the wall and style of stone.

7. Choose a portable pit

Portable fire pit

While a fixed fire pit is an amazing addition to any landscape, you may want to have a portable fire pit that can be easily moved around the yard as needed.

You can bring the warmth of a fire anywhere in your yard with a portable fire pit as needed.

A small, portable, metal fire dish is available for only $40, while high-end portable fire pits will cost around $400.

8. Surround your fire pit with benches

Fire pit with benches

A fire pit must have a seating area around it. You have various options from rustic wood benches to lavishly designed stone benches when choosing benches for your fire pit. Benches will provide everyone a seat near the fire and enjoy it.

You can make your simple benches easily for less than $100 or buy fascia benches for as much as $400 per bench.

9. Create a pit with pavers

Fire pit with pavers

You can use the spare pavers left over from a hardscaping project and stack them up to make a simple DIY fire pit. It is a simple way to create a professional-looking brick fire pit and will perfectly match your other hardscaping.

This project can be free if you have enough pavers available. If you need more new pavers, they will range from 50 cents to $10 per stone depending on the quality and size.

10. Keep it simple

Simple Fire Pit

The simplest way to enjoy the coziness of your fire pit is to keep things simple. Let go of the fancy fire pit designs and make it like a campfire. Just get started by clearing out an area that is safe for a fire. You can use a rock barrier or a cast iron bowl to keep things in check.

This option is free except for the cost of wood or any fuel you might use.

11. Construct a pit using cement or concrete blocks 

Fire pit using cement or concrete blocks 

The best way to construct a strong fire pit that will stand the test of time is to use durable materials like concrete or cement. These can be buried, stacked, mortared, or poured in to create all different kinds of fire pits.

Concrete blocks generally range from $1 to $3 per block.

12. Stack your stones

Stack your stones

Using natural stones to create a fire pit gives you endless options. You can use stacked slate to large limestone boulders to shape out your stone fire pit. Stacked stone creates a natural-looking fire pit that can easily be constructed to match the seasons.

These are free if you have the stones available with you. If not, the right rocks to create a fire pit generally ranges from $100 to $600 per ton of rock.

To conclude, the best fire pit ideas are ‒ making your fire pit as a part of your outdoor living space, choosing a tabletop fire pit, placing your fire pit in a separate area, and using a fire pit as a centerpiece, to name a few.  Using these ideas you can make a welcoming outdoor space or spend time nicely with family and friends.

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