4 Benefits of Using Mulch

Mulch is used to cover the soil as a protective layer for various reasons, primarily to control the weed. It comes from a wide variety of organic and inorganic materials; it ranges from free to expensive.

If you’re looking to grow a lush, healthy, and beautiful garden, consider incorporating mulch. Mulch plays a vital role in the growth of more robust plants and the ability to fight off pests and other plant-related problems.

Mulching is an essential step in sustaining a healthy landscape, especially this time of the year.  You can opt for an organic mulch that ranges from wood chips to pine needles and straw or inorganic mulch, which covers recycled tires and stones. Whichever one you choose, there are lots of benefits to gain from mulching.

The Benefits of Using Mulch

  • Retains Moisture

Both organic and inorganic mulch helps retain moisture in the soil for longer.

It shields the ground from the sun, thereby protecting your plants from drying out quickly through evaporation. It also reduces water run-off when watering your garden, which reduces the amount of water needed.

  • Weed Control

Mulch helps with weed control. It prevents weeds from growing and sharing the nutrients with plants by blocking the sunlight in places they’d usually sprout. Mulching makes it easier to remove the few weeds that manage to accumulate around your flowers.

  • Temperature Control

Mulch helps control the soil temperature by keeping the roots always cool in summer, thereby ensuring the absence of dry plants resulting from the summer heat.

  • Soil Erosion

Mulch prevents erosion, mainly caused by constant treading on pathways in the garden. Putting up a mulch pathway helps organize your large yard so that you can easily transverse the length and breadth of it without the soil getting compacted, thereby impeding the roots’ growth to their full capacity.

By breaking the fall of water during watering and rain, and behaving as a barrier, it protects your garden from soil erosion and prevents nutrients from leaching out of the soil. Its layers of different organic materials helps protect against erosion.


Using mulch on your garden provides you with many benefits, and on top of that, it makes your garden look good too. Regardless of whether you opt for organic or inorganic mulch, its benefits on your yard are immeasurable.Contact us at Eden today to learn more about the benefits of mulch on your garden and get you started on the appropriate mulch.