5 Essential Zoom Video Communication Etiquette

This new era of working from home has left companies without much choice but to keep in touch with their staff through online meetings. Here are five Zoom video communication etiquette to help you stay productive and comport yourself effectively during sessions.

1. Mute Yourself If You Aren’t Talking

To enhance the flow and orderliness in a zoom meeting, attendees should use the mute button well. As long as you’re not talking, mute your audio, whether your environment is noisy or not.

2. If You’re Not Using a Virtual Background, Make Sure the Area Is Clean and Tidy

Remember, it’s a video call, and people are going to see you as much as they see your surroundings. So, while putting on lovely office attires and makeup is commendable, your appearance will be incomplete without presenting a befitting background for the camera.

If you’re attending a virtual meeting from home, remember that it’s an opportunity for people to have a peek into your home. Therefore, come up with fanciful ideas to spruce up your background.

Your backdrop could be a classic bookshelf or on an attractive outdoor space. Just ensure that your camera captures only the tidy and attractive corners of your house.

3. Don’t Eat or Chew Gum

It’s inappropriate to chew gum during a meeting. You can chew gums when you’re alone or with informal acquaintances. However, if you’re appearing in the presence of many people, especially in a formal setting, best to abstain from chewing gums.

In a meeting, chewing gum is considered to be an act of rudeness, whether you’re the one making a speech or not. You can chew gum quietly at work, but never at a job interview, a business presentation, or an official Zoom call.

4. Use the Video

Zoom meetings can be scheduled to exclude video, and many users often encounter difficulties with activating their video. So before the start of a session, try running a test meeting to ensure that your video is fully functional.

Ensure that the lens of your webcam isn’t blocked. If your video doesn’t work, click the camera icon at the bottom left to turn on your video. Then, click the arrow beside the icon to reveal a list of cameras connected to your device and confirm whether the camera is listed and selected. If the troubles with your camera persist, consult your departmental IT support.

5. If You Have a Question, Raise Your Hand for the Moderator to See or Post Your Question in the Chat

To avoid creating a fuss during a meeting, use the raise hand feature to call the moderator’s attention when you have a question to ask or other relevant contributions to make. The moderator will be notified of your requests and will unmute you in due time to air your questions and contributions.

It’s the need of the hour we learn the best etiquette and virtual meeting protocols. Taking note of the above tips will ensure you come across as a sincere member/employee who is abreast of the rules of conduct and rapidly changing times.

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