Backyard Patio Ideas

7 Backyard Patio Ideas to impress your friends & neighbors

There is no dearth of ideas when it comes to adding them to your backyard. Some of these include adding a little privacy, building a solid paver patio, adding cozy lighting to your backyard patio, staying warm on cool nights, making your own outdoor living room, adding a touch of greenery, installing your own fire pit, outdoor dinning room, building a pergola, and grow a vertical garden. 

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The fact is, there are hundreds of ways to transform your backyard patio into an excellent outdoor getaway. However, the only problem is that knowing where to start is a challenge. If choosing the next outdoorsy upgrade has stumped everyone who has tried them. We will check in this article the best 10 backyard patio ideas, which can easily transform any backyard into a gorgeous space. It will impress your neighbors and help your family to enjoy themselves with their friends in the space. 

What are the 10 best Backyard Patio Ideas?

There are several, we have brought for you the top ten best backyard patio ideas, have a look: 

1. Adding a little privacy in your patio area 

You know this is your space, and you will have it for yourself. You need to savor the solitude of the outdoor living space without actually worrying about the passerby or neighbours. You have several options to choose from with this idea. You can easily add curtain rods or standing screens for an intimate space or upgrade the current fence to enclose your complete backyard. 


If you want to add a natural look, you can consider hedges, trees or finished bamboo to secure your personal space outside. You may find putting standing curtains or a few screens as a simple venture. However, you may want a skilled landscaping pro to install bamboo, privacy fences or bushes. 

You do not have to invest much in this venture. It can range from $100 to $200, depending on the choice of material and design. However, installing shrubs is costly and can cost you around $3000. A good quality new privacy fence can help you get in a similar range, about $2600. 

2. Build a solid paver patio

Using the pavers in your backyard patio will help add market value to your property. Adding a new paver patio can make a durable and attractive addition to any outdoor space. Using a flagstone or brick, you can easily create a solid surface for your outdoor furniture, and it can last for years with minimal maintenance. 


There are several options to add to this idea. Pavers are available in a different range of styles and colors, with styles like natural stone, cement or bricks coming on the mainstays. All these are available in a diverse spectrum of colors in interlocking geometric shapes and designs. You can have the paver patio for anyone in the background in construction. Calling a pro can help in shaping up your ideas perfectly.

A Paver patio is an investment; while the installation cost can range between $10 to $17 per square foot, having natural stone, which remains the most expensive. So, if you are installing a 16×18 foot patio, it should range around $2800 to $5000, which again depends upon the choice of spring you choose for an attractive flagstone. 

3. Add cozy lighting to your backyard patio

Adding outdoor lights can glow your backyard patio, creating an excellent ambience for things like casual evenings with friends, your date at night, or even a little calming session for your me time. There are several options that you can try to implement with this idea. 


These include adding paper lanterns or adding string lights in the outdoor space. Adding a couple of LED rope lights can help make the fences and failings look great. Even adding a simple candle holder can help in adding a comfy vibe. You can do this on any free weekend as your DIY venture. All you need is a knack for home decoration, and you are good to go. 

If you check the cost of a LED rope light, it can cost you somewhere upto $70, depending on your requirements. The paper lantern can cost you around $25; however, durability with cheaper lights can be an issue. You can opt for a glass lantern that costs about $200. If you want every shrub in your backyard to glow, then you can expect this job for $4000. 

4. Stay warm on cool nights

You don’t have to slash down outdoor shorts during the winter. Instead, invest in a patio heater, and you get the chance to enjoy cooler weather comfortably. You can find several options with this idea. You can heat your backyard patio with gas, propane, electricity and heaters, depending on how you want to play with the electricity. 

You may find some units extremely heavier than any other or may need any dolly transport or a strong friend to carry the same. Some may even need an assembly. You need to follow the instructions given in the box. The cost for this patio idea with the heater can run up to $400, which is simple to find out online or at any known hardware store. 

5. Make your own outdoor living room 

Relaxing outside in your backyard without having comfortable furniture is always a good idea. In such spaces, you can easily invite your friends and family members to have a good time in the new custom setup. You can try a few options with this idea. Add reclined deck chairs of rattan, waterproof fabric or leak fabric. 


You can consider moving around the porch swing or getting a hammock from your pergola or awning. You can even try a sofa along with different weather cushions. You need to find a good retailer with a truck who can deliver the same. Hanging any swing or a hammock is a simple task requiring limited tools and effort. You can easily do it on your own. 

The reclining deck chair can cost up to $400, depending on the style and quality you choose. You can also find some good outdoor porch swings that cost you around $300. Any outdoor sofa will help you establish your back anywhere from around $300 to $1000. 

6. Add a greenery touch 

You can place good beauty and color to your oasis with the help of well-placed planters. You can turn your backyard patio into any thriving container garden. With this idea, you can try a few options, like adding a flower box for decorating your windowsill or railing. Trying the raised planters on the metal stands can help play with your outdoor living space. Adding ceramic pots is always a welcome step, particularly for larger plants. 

Your patio plants would require proper plant care like watering, repotting, and fertilizing if you can outgrow them in any small homes. Also, landscaping or gardening consultants can help add a few pointers if you have a green thumb. This option is affordable when we compare it with other ideas shared in this list. You can find the pots and plants ranging $25 to $150 as per the design and size. 

7. Install your own fire pit

Adding a campfire can help transform your evening time into a rustic and relaxing experience. Adding an outdoor fireplace can give you perfect casual fireside cookouts having hot dogs or other similar delicacies in your backyard to take your knowledge to the next level. 

You have different options to play with this idea, like adding fire pits can add value depending on how you want to put your money. You can find a portable that keeps the fire pit standing and is simple to move and install. Thus, a DIY stone can help add a touch of character to your lawn. For any ambitious venture, you can try a custom dug-out installation with a surrounding paver and then boost up the market value in the home. 

However, if you are keen on adding extra effects, you can hire landscaping professionals to develop an attractive built-in or even stand one over the place. Any median cost for a professional fire pet installation can cost you around $700. You can find a portable run that costs you about $50 and $400. 

How much do you cost for your backyard patio improvements? 

The cost depends on your requirements. If you are able to cover a big size swatch of your yard backed with an organic flagstone paver, it can cost you around $10,000. It helps in transforming any old soccer bail into any creative kind of upcycled planter that comes for free. 

How hiring a pro can help you on your backyard patio? 

Hiring a competent landscaping professional is always a good idea for heavier projects including installing pergolas, pavers, trees and shrubs. If you are keen on adding aesthetic value to your home, you can always hire a competent landscape designer who is known for adding a wow factor to your backyard space. 

In conclusion, if you are looking for a competent landscape designer, Eden can help you a lot. Call us for more information, you will never regret having this group on board. 

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