Types of fencing

7 Common Types Of Fencing In Yards

Common yard fencing types include a wood fence, wrought iron fence, aluminum fence, vinyl fence, composite fence, chain-link fence and bamboo fence. A fence helps in getting privacy apart from protecting your pets by preventing them from going outside. Also, it helps in keeping all unwanted guests inside your property.

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Fencing also remains an integral part of your landscape; thus it must add to the aesthetic appeal of your property. This article will discuss the seven most common types of fencing, which not only adds an extra security layer to your property but also improves its aesthetic appeal. 

However, before you take up your fencing project, you need to check fencing regulations in your city or location. You may require a building permit, and You have to check the restrictions at the homeowners’ association office to see whether you can build it now. Now, let us check the way you can do it in the following paragraphs: 

What are the common types of fencing in yards? 

There are several types of fencing in yards, and we will cover the seven most common types; let’s start: 

1. Wood Fence 

Wood fencing is found in diverse styles and patterns, thus acting as your perfect privacy fences, landscape decoration and security fencing. We can find ornamental pickets fences among the common front yards. We can see the board-on-board stockade, horizontal slats and dog-ear that remain the common styles for backyard privacy. 

The following are the merits and demerits of the same: 

  • Merits – Wood is among the cheapest materials, and it offers the most simple kinds of fences to build on your own. It helps in saving money on installation. If you can take its proper care, a wooden fence can last for years.


  • Demerits – Wood is vulnerable to rot for issues like water damage, pests and warping. Thus, you should power wash and repaint your wood fence once every two years to avoid these issues. 

2. Wrought iron fences

These fences are essentially decorative and can be found in different designs and patterns. You get enough security if you are keen on having spiked railheads or any other similar feature. These fences are suitable for front yards as they fail to provide enough privacy in the backyard. 

The following are the merits and demerits of the same: 

  • Merit – One of the key features of wrought iron is that it is highly durable. Good care will help in making it last for years. You can easily customize it as per your theme to blend in with your landscaping.


  • Demerit – Many of the wrong iron fences are custom-built; hence they are very costly. Also, they are vulnerable to rust and demand a fresh coat once every five years. 

3. Aluminum fences 

These fences are very similar to wrong iron fences and are found in different styles and colors. Some of these appear purely ornamental, which offers security. All these fences are suitable for both the backyard and front yards depending upon the style and common options for pool fences. 

The following are the merits and demerits of the same: 

  • Merits – It is also custom-friendly, which means you can get any design per your choices. Unlike wrought iron, it never rusts, so it does not require high maintenance. Lastly, it is less expensive when compared to its counterpart metal.


  • Demerits – It is weaker than wrought iron; hence it has more chance of getting damaged during extreme weather conditions. 

4. Vinyl fence

It is a decent choice as a picket, split-rail, and privacy fence. If you are looking for features like security, pet and pool fencing, the Vinyl fence is a decent choice. These fences are more suitable for both the backyard and front yard areas. 

The following are the merits and demerits of the same: 

  • Merits – These fences are durable and can sustain for long periods. Hence you can find them available with a lifetime warranty. Compared to others, vinyl is not at all expensive compared to other fencing materials. These are available in simple-to-install panels; hence you do not need to hire any professional. An occasional washing will suffice to return with quality conditions.


  • Demerits –  The only demerit with a Vinyl fence is that it comes with a high cost. 

5. Composite fence

Choosing a Composite fence is a decent option if you are looking for security, privacy and safe containment for your kids and pets. This fencing is of tall size, and it often blocks the views from outside the properties. These features make it preferable in the backyards compared to the front yards. 

The following are the merits and demerits of the same: 

  • Merits – It is highly durable and made with materials like wood pieces, resin and plastic. It is found in different designs and colors, which appear like natural wood that comes without any vulnerability issues to pests. Several manufacturers give composite fencing, which seems like natural stone. You can find them low-maintenance, and you barely need occasional water spraying to get a better look.


  • Demerits – With high quality and durability, the cost of this fencing increases. Secondly, these are difficult to install; hence you always have to see professional help. 

6. Chain-link fence

The chain link fence is known for its extra security to your front or backyard. The kind of fence helps secure the wild animals away from the property, thus keeping the children and kids inside. Its open design does not offer any privacy, but you can use the attachable plastic privacy slats separately. For extra security, you can add a barbed wire top. 

The following are the merits and demerits of the same: 

  • Merits – These fences are simple to install and highly affordable. Thus you can install it using a DIY option. Also, they are highly affordable and come with zero maintenance.


  • Demerit – Many homeowners agree that chain-link does not have the visual appeal to any landscape. Getting the material without the protective coating can add corrosion. 

7. Bamboo fence

You can install this fence in two ways. Either you can get home the rolled bamboo fence panels or grow live Bamboo in clumps. Both the options are popular among homeowners who have lawns. 

The following are the merits and demerits of the same: 

  • Merits – All the environmentally friendly people love this fencing option. Also, it is extremely simple and inexpensive to install, which gives yet another good money-saving choice.


  • Demerit – We know Bamboo to be one of the most invasive plants on this earth; hence live Bamboo can invade your lawn by spreading quickly. Relying on the rolled bamboo panels, you need to apply a protective coating and install them above the ground to avoid rot. 

Which is the most inexpensive option in fencing? 

One of the most inexpensive types of fence is to get a simple hog wire fence. It is affordable for both options – DIY or hiring any professional. 

What type of fence is the most durable and can last the longest?

Both the vinyl and wrong iron fences remain the durable choice for homeowners. These can last long with proper care. 

Should you hire a professional? 

If you do not have construction experience, you should call a professional landscaper to install fencing over your property. With the help of professional installation, you will have durable fencing that can sustain for a long in all weather conditions. You may even get the job done with a warranty.

You will always want to hire a professional when you know you have an expensive material for complex designed fencing with wrought iron or composite. As you will be spending huge money on getting the material for fencing, it is always recommended to call a pro. This will help in getting high-quality results. 

In conclusion, with these common types of fencing for your yard, hiring professional groups like Eden will ensure you get quality work at an affordable cost. So, if you have any fencing requirements, you can always call them for more details. 

Enjoy a beautifully manicured lawn with our timely yard work services that care for your yard according to the season. Call us today!