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7 Fencing Ideas For Your Front Yard

You can upgrade your front yard with good fencing ideas like a Picket fence, Aluminum/wrought iron fence, Tall privacy fence, Privacy hedge, Brick or stone columns/fence posts, Stacked stone fences, and Split rail fence. If you do not have any fence in the front yard, you are missing the beauty and factors like privacy and security. 

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If you plan to build a fence around your front yard, you will increase the curb appeal and boost your landscape design to make your home very secure. Several fencing options will likely add the thrill to your front yard. Here we will discuss the 7 best fencing ideas for your front yard; now, let us check them as under: 

The 7 best fencing ideas for your front yard 

You can find several fencing ideas for your front yard, how about discussing the 7 best of these for your front yard: 

1. Picket Fence 

Picket Fence 

The white picket fence concept makes any home in the US a dream home. It adds a classic look apart from making your space more secure and private. It blocks the naughty pets from entering your lawn and messing up the space. Depending upon using PVC or wood for your picket fence, you can spend as much money as you want. 

However, adding wood fencing will save your money, while PVC or vinyl-based material in your fencing can make it less maintenance. As required maintenance, you must restrain or repaint the wood fence once in two or three years while washing the vinyl fence as and when you see the dirt building up. 

2. Aluminum and wrought iron fence

Aluminum and wrought iron fence

The aluminum and wrong iron fences are the best way to make your front yard beautiful. If you add the spiked railheads, the decorated fences can offer security to your property. The best part of this option is that you have a wide range of styles and colors. Hence you have the choice of finding the design that suits your theme. 

In this way, you get an edge on your property. For its proper maintenance, you must keep adding the fresh coat of premier once every five years. It helps prevent issues like rust and get rid of them in no time once you apply it. 

3. Tall privacy fence

Tall privacy fence

With this fencing idea, you can block your property, making it more common for backyard fences. However, if you do not care to show your landscape to the outside world or want to keep away from your neighbors, the tall privacy fence is the right solution. You can use composite material, vinyl, or wood to build the same. Interestingly, you do not entirely hamper the exterior aesthetics of your home with it. 

You can make the design modern with horizontal slats or any unique design that adds edge to your property’s landscape. However, building a good privacy fence is vital to your area’s building regulations. Follow the height rules before you start doing it. Since it is a wooden fence, it requires staining and painting in 2-3 years, whereas composite and vinyl material barely needs any wash to make it neat and clean. 

4. Privacy Hedge 

Privacy Hedge

If you are keen on adding privacy to the front yard but see the tall fence failing to blend your style, perhaps trying a privacy hedge is a good option. Planting the privacy hedge over the front hedge area will prevent the prying eyes of your property. 

It gives the privacy element without compromising the aesthetic appeal of your landscape. At the same time, it prevents excessive wind and noise from entering your property. Some good plants you can use in the privacy hedges include privet, Korean boxwood and Leyland cypress. Some of the required maintenance include planting with care with regular pruning.

5. Brick or stone columns/fence posts

Brick or stone columns_fence posts

Getting the stone and brick column as their front yard fence is among the most common options for homeowners. It is a very budget friendly choice and at the same time helps in boosting your property value and adding curb appeal. You can install some ornamental iron in the columns of your choice like iron, vinyl, composite of vinyl based fence panels. 

However, this will depend upon the kind of fence  you choose, while it remains good for privacy and security elements apart from the aesthetic value you get with this fencing idea.  Some of the required maintenance includes scrubbing away the dirt buildup and grime away to make it more appealing. 

6. Stacked stone fence

Stacked stone fence

The next fencing idea to consider is a stacked stone fence. Building a wall or stone based fence will give a rustic look and feel to your property. Your front yard will have a country-side feel, which is very easy to incorporate in your existing garden design. It easily blends with your landscape adding value to it. 

Besides the rustic beauty and the country-side feel, you also get privacy and protection. Even your energetic pets and small kids would remain inside the premises. This idea offers too many things at a reasonable cost. The overall cost for this idea will depend upon the wall thickness and the stone quality you choose. Some of the key maintenance for the stacked stone fence include cleaning and applying sealant at least once in two years. 

7. Split rail fence

Split rail fence

The last design idea in this list is the rural-inspired fence. It is known for its classic look and feel. This design idea may not offer too much security or privacy, however, it easily adds an edge to your landscape giving a different look. Adding a split rail fence can complement your front end garden design. 

Of all the options, the split rail fence remains too affordable, while it requires little care to keep its glow alive. These include applying only the boiled linseed oil for securing the seal. You can certainly try this fencing idea if you want a rural touch to your property. 

How close to your property line should you install or build a fence? 

Typically speaking, you as a homeowner can always build a fence on your property line. However, before doing that, you need to check the local regulations of your city and rules drawn by the homeowners association body. This can vary from one location to another. 

What is the cheapest front yard idea? 

Some of the cheapest in the above list include bamboo and picket fence. You can always save money using the yard ideas. 

Should you consider DIY or call a landscaping profession? 

You can try these ideas taking up as your weekend venture, however, you need the expertise, tools and resources to accomplish this job. It is always a good idea to call any professional when you have any creative landscaping ideas. The professionals will seamlessly incorporate your ideas in your front yard fence. They will always help in adding an edge to your landscaping design. With trained professionals like Eden, your landscaping can reach the next level. 

In conclusion,if your fencing ideas include adding bricks or stone elements and deal with some complex fence panels then hiring a landscaping pro is always a good idea. Fences are not for your backyard or front yard security. These promise aesthetic values to enhance your landscape design and make your home impressive at the same sight. 

From selecting the right seasonal plants to installing an outdoor kitchen, our landscaping services can do it all for you. Contact us today for a stunning landscape!

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