A Heavy Snow Fall Keeping You At Home? Enjoy A Snow Day

In many cities in Ontario, including Toronto, Guelph, and Ottawa,a heavy snow during the winter months can cause more than traffic delays. It can bring down power lines and force road closures. Even the city’s snow biggest and strongest snow plow may have to stop and wait until the storm passes before they can clear the roads for travel.When this happens, consider your alternatives. You can get angry. You can also just go with the flow and accept it. After all, it is winter.

How to Enjoy a Snow Day: Family and Children

Of course, a snow day may be magical for the children in your family. If schools
shut down, they have three major options:

  • Stay inside
  • Go outside
  • Do both 

If they decide to stay inside, then consider what you can do together as a family.

While many teens may simply want to remain in bed, talking on the phone to others in the same situation, younger children may not want to do this. Provide them with some options, including:

 Video games – those requiring more than one person
 Board games e.g., Monopoly, Clue, Trivia, Codenames
 Giant jigsaw puzzles
 Active games requiring group participation e.g., Charades and Pictionary
If it is safe, everyone can bundle up and go outside. With so much snow, a family can
 Build snow people
 Have a snow fight
 Build snow castles or walls
 Make snow angels
 Go tobogganing on a nearby hill
 Walk the dog (if you have one) together
Clearing snow from the sidewalk or helping out a neighbor are also possibilities that help burn off extra energy or calories. They also leave you feeling warm in more ways than one.

Afterward, it is time to head indoors and enjoy a warm cup of tea/coffee or hot chocolate (maybe from a nearby take-out store if the power is out at your home but not there) or heated up at home on a camp stove. Follow this up with a video suitable for all members.

How to Enjoy a Snow Day: Singles

If you live alone, a snow day is perfect for spending time in bed. Pile on the covers
and maybe the dog or cat. If the power is off, use the day’s natural light. Curl up
with a good book – an old favourite or that new novel you purchased and have not
had the time to read yet.

Alternatively, watch a video on your tablet, laptop, or another device – providing
you have one that is functioning when the power is down. You could also work on a
puzzle, if so inclined, or put together a jigsaw puzzle. Going outside is also an
option. You can check to see if the snow plow has made its way down your street or
put one foot after another and plow your way down to the sidewalk and around the

Realistically, removing snow is no one’s idea of a good time! It is either too much of a physical burden, or challenging to do the snow removal yourself. When that
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