Attending University In Ottawa ON

The majestic city of Ottawa, ON situated on the Ottawa River with the celebrated Rideau Canal flowing through it, is the capital of Canada. A city that boasts fluency in both English and French, it is the home to many other nationalities. Some are visitors passing through; others are diplomats or hold some type of political posting or job in the city.

Ottawa is also a city with a strong cultural heritage. It is home to the Parliament Buildings, the National Gallery of CanadaCanada Science and Technology Museum and the Canadian Museum of History. It has the longest skating rink in the world – the Rideau Canal, as well as the Central Experimental Farm with is Arboretum and Ornamental Gardens.

Universities in Ottawa

Although Ottawa is though primarily to be a government town, it is also home to two well-known universities as well as several colleges. Annually, both universities rank high in the list printed in Maclean’s – Canada’s national magazine. The University of Ottawa ranks 15 in 2020, while Carleton University stands at 9 in their standings. In fact, both universities consistently are rated in the top 20 every year.

Carlton University: Carleton University, founded in 1942 to provide returning WWII veterans with an education, is a public, non-denominational, comprehensive university. It offers 65-degree programs in at least 50 academic disciplines. It is best known for its studies in architecture, computer sciences, engineering, international affairs, journalism, mathematics, and public affairs.

One of the university’s strengths is its co-op programs. They offer them in almost every faculty. In fact, the University encourages cross-overs of all disciplines to create rounded programs and integrated results. The operative word for many of the study areas in Carleton is innovative.

University of Ottawa: The origins of the University of Ottawa date back to 1848 when it was founded as the College of Bytown. It has since grown from these humble origins to become the largest English-French university in the world. Its 450 programs encompass all disciplines, including science, arts, medicine, and technology. It offers both undergraduate and post-graduate degrees. Among the most recognized studies are those in medicine, nursing, mathematics, and computer sciences. It also receives recognition is having the largest law school in Canada. In fact, while the University of Toronto ranks number one in the country in this faculty, the University of Ottawa is secure in 5th for 2019, having climbed up two spots from 2018.

The university is also a research institution. It is a member of several institutions that focus on research. This group is known as the U15. This acronym refers to the number of universities that form the core of the group – 15.

Colleges in Ottawa

In addition to the above two universities, Ottawa has several community and specialty colleges. Some such as Collège La CitéDominican University College, and Univeristé Saint-Paul (University of Saint-Paulare bilingual or Francophone, offering degrees and diplomas in French and/or English. However, the Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology and Willis College focus on providing their students with the information and skill to obtain work in practical careers.

Attending University or College in Ottawa ON

For those who want to live in a city where politics is the bread-and-butter of daily life, Ottawa ON is ideal. Combines culture, beauty, and activities. It is a bike-friendly city and one where nature is never far from view. It also provides students with a chance to obtain an excellent education. Home to the University of Ottawa and Carleton University, Ottawa allows students to explore and grow as they study.

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