Autumn Yard Work Safety Tips

In all Canadian neighborhoods, leaves must have probably turned red, and gold and the weather cooled down. It’s safe to say that most Canadian homeowners are already thinking of outdoor cleanups.

This change in season implies it’s that time of the year to haul out the ladders, rakes, leaf blowers, and mowers. But before you begin, note that yard work safety is just as crucial as the autumn cleanup.

Ensure you follow these safety tips, so your autumn yard work doesn’t end in injuries.

Yard Work Safety Tips

Autumn yard works can be dangerous if you’re disregarding a few basic rules. Before touching a tool, you should be well equipped with the safety tips. To help you come out of doing yard work unscathed. In Canada, there has been a rise in the number of recorded incidents of garden and yard equipment-related accidents.

Here are some tips you can adopt to ensure you don’t end up becoming part of the statistics as you venture into your yard to engage in the chores.

Dress Appropriately

Avoid wearing loose clothing that might be caught in the equipment. Also, get rid of any earrings. Long sleeve shirts, long pants, and strong footwear, such as boots, will all aid to protect your skin from falling objects. When doing chores with motor-driven equipment known for their loud noise, always wear a hearing protection device. Ensure you also wear eye protection and heavy gloves for additional care.

Hand Tools Aren’t Always Safer

While many people believe that these mishaps are caused by mechanical equipment, hand tools have also been shown to be dangerous. Hand-operated yard tools accounts for thousands of emergency room visits at hospitals yearly. To avoid this, ensure your garden tools are in perfect working condition. Properly size the equipment for the person using it to prevent over-reaching, leading to back pain, muscle strains, tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other overuse injuries.

Respect Heights

Many people are harmed every year as a result of ladder falls. Be mindful of working at heights, whether hanging holiday decorations, cleaning windows, or painting.

Ensure you read the ladder’s instruction and adjust appropriately. Several injuries sustained from using a ladder always result from failure to properly balance the base or standing on a higher level than specified. If you discover the chores are becoming dangerous to finish, please leave it until you learn a safer way of completing it, or you consider hiring a professional.

Injuries from lawn equipment are almost usually a part of yard work in the autumn in Canada. To save you the time, energy, and don’t forget the pain, consider hiring Eden Services. Eden is a professional landscaping company in Canada. Specializing in all types of yard work, including leaf cleanup/removal, shrubs pruning, garden beds creation, organic weed control, and fall cleanup. Other services Eden offers are landscape beautification and snow removal.

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