Beat The Heat: How To Keep Cool This Summer

Once that summer sun starts shining and the temperatures start to skyrocket, it can be tough to keep cool, even in the shade. While some homes are equipped with central air and swimming pools, there are a few easy little tricks to help you and your family beat the heat this summer.

Switch Your Sheets Nothing is worse than trying to sleep when it’s hot. You can’t get comfortable, you’re irritated. The easiest way to keep your bed as cool as possible is to switch up your bedding. Swap your duvet or comfortable to a light, breathable blanket to begin with. Also, switch your sheets to natural cotton. While they may cost a little most, their breathable fabric will help you cool off on those sticky summer nights.

Create A Breeze While it may seem like a light breeze isn’t enough to cool you down with the scorching summer sun, as the evening approaches a nice cross breeze can make a significant difference. Once the sun has set, position your fans and crank up your ceiling fans to rotate the air throughout your home. Not only will the breeze keep you cooler, but it will prevent the stuffy stagnant air from making it seem warmer than it really is.

Block The Natural Light If you don’t have air conditioning in your home, natural light can quickly turn your living space into a sauna. Always keep blinds, shutters, and drapes closed during the day to keep the direct sunlight from pouring in and warming the house up. If you’re spending the majority of your day outside, the lack of lighting indoors won’t even be noticed, and you’ll appreciate the cooler room temperature once you come inside for bed!

Shower At Night Everyone loves a morning shower to wake them up, but when it comes to cooling down after a stifling day, a shower at night may be the way to go. Having a cool shower before bed can help cool your body temperature off before you get into bed, leaving you refreshed and less irritated by the heat when you lay down to sleep. Not to mention, this is a great way to get kids clean, cooled and relaxed after a day of being outside.

Stay Hydrated It goes without saying that keeping hydrated is essential for beating the summer heat. However, it can be tough to make time to stop for water during the day. Try making a few trays of flavoured ice cubes to mix it up. Add diced cucumber, raspberries or a splash of lemon juice before freezing to turn your recommended 8 glasses of water into a refreshing summer beverage you’ll make time for.

Take It To The BBQ The fasted way to heat up a house you’re trying to cool down is by revving up the stove or oven. Even just having the oven on for 30 minutes can greatly increase the temperature in the house by several degrees. So instead of turning on the oven, take it out to the backyard and grill! Not only does cooking outside keep your home cooler, it also gives your family delicious summertime meals!

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