Best Grass Types for Florida

Although Florida soil isn’t ideal for growing grass because of its compact nature, selecting the best grass type for your lawn isn’t supposed to be hard. Consider opting for a warm-season turf that’ll thrive in Florida’s warm climate. More so, decide on how much energy and time you wish to devote to maintaining your lawn because some grass types require additional maintenance.

Furthermore, consider the level of foot traffic your lawn will be subjected to because every grass type has various foot traffic tolerances. Here are the best-recommended grass types for your Florida lawn, but remember that each requires its care level.

Grass for Home Landscaping

The grass is an essential part of your landscaping, especially if there are kids or pets in the household. Growing and maintaining a good lawn will improve your house’s overall aesthetic, and it all begins with selecting the best grass.

The Different Grass Types in Florida


The centipedegrass is a prevalent grass type in Florida. Unlike many other warm-season turfs, this grass is a little bit sensitive to cold temperatures. The centipedegrass grows well in the climates and soils of Northern and Central Florida.

This grass is prone to pests like ground pearls and nematodes and has a low tolerance for foot traffic. Avoid overwatering the grass as it’ll make it susceptible to weed infestation.


This grass is known to thrive well under Florida’s warm climate. Bermudagrass recovers quite well after a drought despite its shade tolerance.

Bermudagrass spreads quickly through the underground stems and grows in full sun. It can withstand some heavy foot traffic but may become damaged from heavy traffic during winter.


This grass with a high salt tolerance is non-selective about soil types.  It’s used in athletics fields and is also excellent for both residential and commercial landscapes. Zoysiagrass comes with different textures. Unlike most warm-season turfs, it has a high shade tolerance.

Zoysiagrass needs extra irrigation than other warm-season turfs and will become dormant when exposed to drought conditions. It’s also ideal for yards with heavy foot traffic.


This grass type is ideal for large lawns, sandy soils, pastures, or areas with limited water access. Bahiagrass is a low-maintenance turf that doesn’t require much water and fertilizer. This grass is also resistant to pests and diseases and grows well under Florida’s warm weather.

This grass is adaptable to different soil types and is also less aggressive. This implies that the chances of it invading your flower bed are minimal. Bahiagrass is very drought-resistant and has a high tolerance for heavy foot traffic. Knowing the best grass type that thrives well in the sunshine state’s warm climate will ensure you get the right grass for your lawn, depending on factors such as soil type and foot traffic tolerance. Contact Eden services, a professional landscaping company in Florida, to help you select and grow the best grass for your Florida lawn.

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