Best North American Cities For Snowbirds

Every year as soon as the snow threatens to fly, Snowbirds from Canada and the United States leave their homes behind and head off to somewhere warm. They plan to avoid shivering in the cold, cranking up the heat, shoveling snow and slipping on the ice. They usually plan to stay a few months – at least until Old Man Winter has gone.

Whether the Snowbird hails from Chicago IL or Ottawa ON, they have two goals in mind:

*Find someplace warm

*Find someplace affordable

Whether the plan is to spend one month or three, they usually have a destination in mind. In general, this means heading to Florida or Arizona. More recently, other states have begun to become more common homes to Snowbirds. These include Texas, South Carolina, and Alabama. Below are several cities that Snowbirds make their nests in.

Snowbird Destinations

When escaping to warmer climes, many Snowbirds make a bee-line to Florida. This has been the escape route taken by them for decades. Among the standard cities lived favored by them are:

St. PetersburgThis city combines warm weather, lovely beaches, and several things to do beyond shopping, including movies and the Dali Museum.

Dali Museum

Fort Myers: This is a relatively new addition. With an airport nearby and the downtown area revitalized, fort Myers appeals to those who like beaches and enjoy fishing.

Naples:This is for Snowbirds with money. The subtropical weather white coral beaches and plentiful golf courses are negated for some by its upscale shopping but balanced out by the presence of several modern medical institutions.

Naples Beach Golf Club – Destination Golf

Hollywood:Sun, sand, and casual living are what make this Hollywood home. It also has the dazzling Hollywood Beach Boardwalk for

The VillagesThis central Florida location is definitely geared for those over 55. It offers plenty of attractions as well as beautiful white beaches.

Besides Florida, many Snowbirds flee to Arizona, Texas, and even South Carolina and Alabama. Popular cities include:

Phoenix AZ: This large city is increasingly becoming. Together with Tucson– a less-expensive, smaller, and more relaxed city, are becoming increasingly popular options. Snowbirds enjoy the weather, the golf courses, and the various attractions, including the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon

Mobile AL: History, culture, agreeable weather, and affordability – that says it all.

Mobile AL

Charleston, SC: This historic city is charming. It also offers pleasant weather, many amenities, and even affordable accommodations.

In Texas, many Snowbirds are considering the pleasures of staying in Corpus ChristiGalvestonSouth Padre Island, and Brownsville.

Corpus Christi

Fleeing Colder Climes

For those who intend to become Snowbirds, the choices are limited only by the amount of money available to spend on accommodations. As is the case with any form of traveling, it is essential to plan in advance in order to obtain the best possible price and experience. This also applies to preparing your home for your time away during the winter months.

Many cities requiring homeowners to keep their sidewalks clear of snow and ice or face serious fines. While asking a favor from a neighbor is a good solution for a weekend, it is not if the time away is a month or more. For this, you need professional help, someone who is reliable and not affected by sickness in the family or forgetfulness or their own vacation plans. Fortunately, this can be arrived at through a third-party app such as Edenapp. By going to Apple, Android, or edenapp.com, anyone can locate a dependable, professional ice and snow removal service – one that can let you lie worry-free down south in the sun.