Best Places In Minneapolis For Sledding

Snow is common to Minneapolis MN. Come winter, it calls out to children. With plastic sleds, rubber tubes, plastic saucers, or wooden toboggans in tow, they head out for the nearest hill. Bundled up completely from top to bottom, they are ready to take on the best Minneapolis has to offer them.

Unfortunately, Minneapolis has few sanctioned hills. Minneapolis Parks and Recreation officially designates only two spots as being acceptable i.e. safe, for sledding. Twin city St. Paul, on the other hand, has significantly more – 15 legitimate ones to be exact.

The Best Official Sledding Places in Minneapolis

Minneapolis officially only recognizes three places as being safe and acceptable for sledding. These are:

Columbia Park Golf Course: Located inNortheast Minneapolis, this sledding hill is not for the faint-hearted. As the steepest hill in this neighborhood, it is also not suggested for small children or the inexperienced sledder. If you sled during specific times, you can enjoy snacks in the Columbia Manor, built-in 1922 and open from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. on weekends, holidays, and school release days.

Theodore Wirth Regional Park: Found west of downtown Minneapolis, this park is favored by many because the sledding hill comes complete with a tow rope. Only recently has it been reopened for “FREE” sledding. However, it is still possible to purchase ski passes. Equipment rental is also available for snowshoers, tubers, and skiers, but sledders must bring their own sled.

It is important to note that, if you are sledding and not tubing, you use only the hill designated for this activity. Free sledding is only allowed on the hill located in front of the Chalet on the tenth fairway (tubing is at the designated Tubing hill at the Trailhead). The hours for sledding are from 7 a.m. until 9 p.m. Sledding hill hours are from 7 a.m. – 9 p.m. daily.

Valley View Park -Sunset Hill: Operated in golden Valley by Minneapolis Parks, Sunset Hill is nearby Wirth Park. Admission is free, and you must bring your own type of sledding equipment.

For those who are willing to take the risk, other popular places for sledding in Minneapolis include King’s Hill at Lyndale Farmstead Park and Audubon Park in northeast Minneapolis. Both offer a variety of slopes suitable for children of all ages.

Sledding in Minneapolis

Minneapolis is known in part for its cold winters and abundant snow. These make conditions perfect for those who want to go sledding. While many places such as Beard’s Plaisance, Fuller Park Lyndale Farmstead Recreation Center, Matthews Park, and Powderhorn Park do offer children and adults a sledding experience, they are considered too chancy to be sanctioned by the City. As such, those who use them do so at their own risk. For a less dicey sledding experience, parents take their children over to Columbia Park Golf Course, Sunset Hill, or Theodore Wirth Regional Park. Alternatively, they head to the 15 sledding course available in adjacent St. Paul, including those found in Como Park and Battle Creek Regional Park.