Building a Greenhouse, Keep These Points in Mind

If you are building a greenhouse in your lawn or garden, you must remember a few things. These include the reason for building one, the cost, styles of greenhouse, walls and windows, air circulation, permit needed, and strength against weather, to name a few. Garden enthusiasts who love building a greenhouse in backyards or similar other spaces should remember these key points.

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You have different options for building a greenhouse, which includes a small greenhouse, a mini greenhouse or even a barn greenhouse for any purpose. But you need to know all these things before you start the venture of constructing the greenhouse, regardless of your choice, whether you want to go for a DIY experience or call a professional. Now, let us focus on the key things about building a greenhouse as under: 

Why do you need a greenhouse?


Many people taking up this venture to build a greenhouse have gardening in their backend for which they want to build one. However, experts feel that a greenhouse can is a multipurpose space as it could be your dining space, hot room or even an additional living area. In other words, it is beyond a conservatory structure. A few common reasons why people build a greenhouse are as under: 

  • All-season gardening: With building a greenhouse, there is no need to think about growing veggies in winter as the controlled atmosphere inside the conservatory can everything grow despite the low temperature outside. 
  • A perfect environment inside to grow anything: A good atmosphere helps grow everything, including flowers, vegetables and herbs. Thanks to the securing environment, we can see water and heat vapor thriving and making the greenery sustainable in the market. 
  • Budget-friendly options – Many people have put massive money into their lawns, grass and plants for their outdoor gardens every spring season. However, when you have a greenhouse, you can quickly grow seeds as much as you want at affordable prices. 
  • A space with multiple purposes – Once you have a greenhouse,  you do not have any garden shed as you have ample space to store equipment and tools for lawn care. 
  • Plant protection – All the plants can quickly be grown inside the greenhouse and remain protected from unpleasant weather and pest infestations like caterpillars, locusts, spider mites, and many more. All the plants that grow inside a greenhouse are healthier. 

Know the Cost 

Do you know how much money you must put into building a greenhouse? Are you planning to go for a DIY venture and buy the greenhouse kit with the building materials, or are you looking forward to hiring a professional to build it? All these decisions will change the price. 

An average cost of building a greenhouse is around $25 per square foot, which is about $ 3590 as a total cost, claims the Craftsman National Building Cost Estimator. If you are seeking professional help, getting three bids for the same is always a good idea. Every bid should cover everything (from site preparation to water work and finishing tasks).

Also, if you consider it your DIY venture, you can get the relevant kit online or at any local store. The average cost for a DIY kit for the above-size greenhouse is around $250. You can refer to free videos on greenhouse plans, tutorials and guides on the web. So depending upon your choice, you will get the cost for it. 

The Styles of Greenhouse 

If you are choosing any greenhouse, you have a lot to do with the type of greenhouse projects, and you can think of planning it to do in the coming future, like growing flowers or vegetables and selling it at the farmer’s market. You need to consider some styles of building a greenhouse as per the following suggested styles: 

  • Attached lean-to style – This greenhouse style is developed per the current structure seen over the different sides. These are attached to any house or other building claims experts.
  • Standalone –  It is a different style building and is often located in the outdoor garden. More than half of the homeowners choose this design, while the rest go with the attached lean-to choice. 

You can find several DIY options when choosing any class greenhouse design, available in two types – DIY Window Greenhouse and Tabletop Greenhouse. The former is good for growing small plants and herbs, while the latter remains a simple and DIY greenhouse. 

Walls and Window 

All the pre-treated wood, steel, aluminum and even old windows are good material options for building a greenhouse frame. These materials are used on the gram, which can also vary. You can also use glass windows or glass picked from any recycle center or flea market can also help. However, of late, we can see polyethylene has become a common choice.


For the greenhouse walls, you can consider fiberglass, polycarbonate, clear plastic sheeting, and glass or oil windows. You can also find other options for the glass, like insulated glass or any glazing material, as it allows it to retain the heat. Companies are now selling heat retention curtains for greenhouses, etc. 

Air Circulation

It is an essential element to consider. For this, you can opt for automatic vent openers. These help prevent greenhouse issues like overheating, and the air is also free, claims experts. Also, it is a good idea to include oscillating fans all around the year, especially during the winter months when it is mandatory to prevent dead zones. 

You can plan to automate everything in the greenhouse, which includes cool, heat, irrigation and fan, in case you are planning to opt for any irrigational activity before going for a holiday.

Check the Permits you Need 

If you are keen on building a greenhouse, you need permission to construct the same within your property. The permit requirements will vary from one location to another. If you are based in a rural area, it comes under an auxiliary building that does not need permission. It is like constructing a shade within the property. 

However, the urban areas have stricter codes to follow. The bigger the place, the more stringent the permit requirements are. The local building authorities are the final body to give away the required permission while you work with the local planning department. 

Strength against weather conditions 

If you are based in any area vulnerable to conditions like storms and wind for having a greenhouse linked to heavy-duty footers, you are likely to build a home. If you are based in storm or wind-prone areas, installing a solid foundation with a robust structure can avoid this risk. If you can anchor the greenhouse with heavy-duty footers like building a home, it will help you sustain the structure. You can think of breaking grass, and these should remain replaceable. 

Using barn boards can be very cost-effective, and you tend to save money on it. The PVC pipes, old windows, and plastic settings are good options for a DIY venture. As mentioned above, many plan options are available on the web for designing good greenhouse plans. 

All you need to do is keep yourself well aware of the requirements to put things together in the right shape. Also, you need to remember that the greenhouse grams are not strong enough to sustain the strong wind or storm or even the weight of snow. But if it collapses, your time will be completely wasted; hence, you must act accordingly. 

You are supposed to know where the morning sun will rise or find out when the sun is exposed or the kind of greenhouse venture you plan. Also, you need to know how much time you need to grow the plants or choose any actual glass or plastic sheet. You need to consider the one as per your purpose. Experts guessed to have a green thumb as it can help grow everything inside your greenhouse. 

In conclusion, building a greenhouse is always a welcome choice for homeowners with good space around their homes. However, when building a greenhouse, many consider carrying it out on a DIY basis. It may save money but comes at the cost of your physical health. Also, the quality of the outcome is doubtful unless you have expertise. Thus calling a professional is always a good idea. They have the necessary tools and knowledge with experience to accomplish the job with perfection. At Eden, you get the best landscaping solution; call for more details. 

From selecting the right seasonal plants to installing an outdoor kitchen, our landscaping services can do it all for you. Contact us today for a stunning landscape!