Close Quarters: How To Maximize A Small Backyard

When owning a home in a big city, it’s not uncommon to be left with a backyard on the smaller scale of things. However, just because your yard isn’t rolling acres of greenery, doesn’t mean you can’t easily make the most of a small space to enjoy all summer long. Here are a few easy tips to help guide you into turning your small backyard into a little slice of paradise.

Create Levels Using decks, patios or raised seating areas can easily give the illusion of more space. Adding varying elements like stone, wood, turf, etc. can make your yard seem like several different living areas, which can make it feel a little more extensive than it’s actual square footage. Not to mention, the different textures can create great decor, without taking up any space!

Keep Plants Contained Adding greenery and flowers are an absolute must for many people when it comes to their backyard. However, going overboard can really close in a yard that’s already tiny. Keeping your flowers and plants contained to pots, urns or planters can still give you a lush look, while keeping a clean, more spacious look.

Go For Multi-Purpose The major space-users on most patios is the furniture. While not everyone have to space to install an outdoor fire pit and loungers, there are some corners you can cut to have it all. Try opting for multi-use patio furniture, such as outdoor dining sets with a tabletop fire bowl, or coffee tables that can be used as additional seating when needed. This elevates having too many pieces cluttering up your small space.

Use Cozy To Your Advantage If you’re working with a small space, take advantage of it’s vibe! Opt for a more intimate, cozy setting and decorate accordingly. Comfy cushions and soft lighting can turn your teeny yard into a romantic little nook without breaking your budget. Did somebody say date night?

Less Is More The general rule of thumb when decorating a small space is that if you don’t need it, don’t buy it. With little area for extras, try to aim for more functional items than decorative. For example, opt for furniture and items you will actually use, and leave the decorating aspect to the smaller details, rather than major fixtures.

Go Vertical Whether it’s storage, plants or decor, take it upwards! Making use of the optimal space overhead is a great way to get all the storage or greenery you want, without sacrificing floor space. Vertical shelving and planters can add give you a great look, while still looking neat & tidy – Not to mention functional!

Add Colour A few pops of bright, summer colours can turn any small space into a sunny paradise. Adding elements of bold blues, reds, purples or oranges can make your itty bitty backyard into a perfect patio party spot in no time! By opening up the space with some bursts of colour, you can cut back on the amount of decorative item in the space, allowing more room for friends & sangria!

Don’t Forget The Side For some unknown reason, people always forget to take advantage of their little strip of side yard. While it may not be the most airy and open spot, it can still be a great place to use this summer. Consider adding some flowers, a small bistro set and some hummingbird feeders, and watch how quickly it becomes your new favourite nook for your morning coffee and newspaper!

Having a small yard shouldn’t deter you from making the most of your outdoors this summer. With a few tricks and some little adjustments to maximize your space, your teeny yard can quickly turn into a great spot for BBQs, friends, and tons of family laughs and memories to be made.