Contract Free[dom]

In a time where financial freedom is such a top priority, why are so many of us throwing caution to our credit cards and locking into contracts for everything from landscaping to cellphone plans? While many of the major monopolizers require a contract for their service, we’ve found that living free of signing on that dotted line can not only give you better service, but also save you time, money and a major headache.

Go With The Weather To start with, locking yourself into a contract really only makes sense if you can see into the future, which one can only assume you can’t. Why’s that? Simple. Paying for a service without being certain when, where and how much of it you’ll even need seems absurd doesn’t it? That’s like ordering dinner two weeks early, without knowing how hungry you’re going to be. With Eden, you only pay for what you need. No snow, no pay, no problem! Makes sense, right?

Start & Stop Life changes, we all know that. You can lose your job, move neighbourhoods, heck, you can even decide to spend all winter laying on a beach in Mexico if you want. However, the major dark cloud over your sun-baked plans could be a snow removal contract. With a hefty charge already lingering on your credit card, it’s not so easy to stop service and save your money for the next round of margaritas. Enter Eden.

No Termination Fee We all know the gut-punching feeling of paying to get out of a contract. Yes, I’m looking at you cellphone providers. It can stagger well into the hundreds, with no way around it. What’s the trick? No contract equals no termination fee! So, not only can you stop service whenever you please, we won’t ding you for it with a nasty fee.

Lower Costs A major misconception of signing onto a contract service is that you are saving money, almost the illusion of wholesaling. But that is just what it is, an illusion. It’s not uncommon for snow removal services to to ask for seasonal payment up front, raising your hopes that you will need it all season, and the service will be well worth the cash. But, and there’s always a but, what if it doesn’t snow much? A mild winter can turn your “buy all at once & save” contract into you paying $500+ for a season of half a dozen plow-worthy snowfalls. Just in case you missed that, that’s over $80 for every visit. Yowza! Or should we say, PLOWza!

Keeping your driveway snow-free and cutting that 7am blizzard battle from your life is easy, and it doesn’t require a down payment, a dotted line or a penalty if you change your mind. With Eden Hybrid, you can “set & forget” your snow removal, and only be charged when it’s necessary. No snow, no charge. No contract, no worries. Ah, sweet freedom.