Customer APP-reciation: Why Businesses Are Embracing Apps

As we roll into the third month of 2018, it’s become increasingly more common to find ourselves looking for services and businesses predominantly on our smartphones. From banking to ordering pizza, more and more businesses are turning to smartphone apps, and everyone seems to be in agreeance that this is the future of business technology. So, what’s the draw?

Anytime, Any Place 

Let’s begin with convenience. Today more than ever, we are on the go and in constant search of shortcuts to make our lives easier; enter smartphone apps. By integrating an app into a business, it allows customers to have easy access to service no matter where they are, without having to lug around a laptop. Additionally, it makes “office hours” nearly an obsolete time, as ordering items or requesting services can be done virtually at any time of day, with just a few taps of your thumbs.

Easy As Pie 

Aside from the obvious convenience of mobility that comes from a business app, there is also a level of simplicity. With technology implicated into businesses it’s so easy to access service, stay up to date on your account and easily be notified of promotions and changes. With some apps offering push notifications, even the least tech-savvy user can stay on track with their billing, account and deals to snap up.

Peace Out, Paper 

Have you ever needed to find a receipt from a past service and it’s lost in a junk drawer of old post-its and coupons? Say goodbye to those days. With using your favourite business’s app, you can easily keep all your past uses and purchases in one place, with no lost receipts and no blurred memory of when you last ordered. Not to mention, it’s much easier to track your spending!

Follow Along 

A lot of services have one great thing in common, you can follow your order as it gets processed through various checkpoints. Whether it be your food being made or your parcel being delivered, smartphone apps take out the guess work in how your service request is progressing with easy to follow updates and notifications. This not only ensures you are well informed on your order, but also makes providing prompt and reliable service virtually unavoidable. No more MIA workers or lost order forms – It’s all right in the palm of your hand.