Do’s and Don’ts of Summer Landscaping

The heat of summer has come around again, and temperatures are hitting the rooftops. Managing your garden plants can’t be any more challenging, but not if you know what to do and what you shouldn’t do.

Below are some of the do’s and don’ts of summer landscaping:

Do Sharpen Your Mower Blades

Before mowing your lawn, ensure that you sharpen your mower blade. A sharp blade leaves a clean-cut, while a blunt one leaves jagged and uneven edges on the grass, exposing them to pest infestation and diseases.

Do Mow in Shade

You’ll want to mow your lawn grass during the cooler hours of the day. Mowing strains turf grass very much and so must be carried out only in cool conditions to prevent the plants from experiencing massive water loss. Grass that’s cut in hot weather losses much water and takes more time to rebound.

Don’t Cut Grass Too short

You might be tempted to think by cutting very low, you get to save yourself the stress of repeating your mowing exercises more often, but this shortcut does have its own side effects. Mowing lawn grass to shallow heights is unhealthy for your lawn. It exposes your turf to diseases and weed infestation. Continuous scalping on lawns discourages root development and renders the turf susceptible to damage from high temperatures or drought.

Do Water Deeply

Watering deeply implies that water has to soak at least eight inches deep into the soil. Deep irrigation is essential because most plant’s roots travel great lengths into the ground. Watering on the surface, especially in the heat of summer is as good as not watering at all, the water will evaporate faster than you know it. It will achieve little to no influence on the plants.

Don’t Allow Unnecessary Traffic Through Your Lawn

If your turf is always trampled upon by foot, pets, or other weighty items, it could cause chlorosis on the trampled areas, especially when the temperature is high. Heavy equipment also makes the soil more compacted. It reduces the amount of water and air available to the grass plants.

Do Water Your Lawn in the Morning

The best time of the day to water your lawn is in the morning when the soil is still cold. Low soil temperature will provide ample time for the water to reach the plant’s roots and be absorbed without losing much to evaporation.

At Eden, you’ll find out more about preparing your lawn for summer and see how we can help you accomplish your landscaping goals.

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