Eden U Master Class – Toronto

Eden App’s Employee Training Program

Eden App announced today that their innovative employee training program is run by it’s subsidiary Eden U. They held it’s inaugural graduation ceremony for more than 40 candidates looking to enter the Landscaping industry.

In cooperation with the City of Toronto’s Youth Employment Services and a number of agencies from across the GTA, this ground was breaking program. Trains both new Canadians and young people seeking full time paid employment.

“The industry’s most critical business challenge is finding trained, hard working team members”, said Eden App founder Ben Zlotnick. “If we can help our Eden Pro Contractors to overcome this challenge then everyone wins.”

This two week program, that includes a guaranteed job placement, is designed to help new Canadians and youth connect with employers and ensure that they are trained and prepared for the workforce.

Sofia Perez graduated as the top candidate in the program. “As a young woman of colour who grew up in a really tough situation, I felt accepted and safe all the way through this program. Eden U treated me like an equal. I was able to show my skills and really learn a lot. Now I have a full time job that pays great and gives me a future.”

About Eden App 

Eden connects trusted contractors with property owners for on-demand and subscription based snow removal and lawn care. Through the mobile and web app, users get quick access to professional property services, while insured contractors get new business opportunities. Eden uses only approved contractors to ensure security, transparency, and fair prices for both owners and contractors. Eden is bringing ease and convenience to home services.

About Eden U

Eden U is a one Day Power Course That Drives Business Success for contractors. We understand that finding time to effectively train team members is tough. Contractors learn how to find and recruit the best team members to expand your business. Network with other owners and professionals to learn from each other and to solve common business problems.

Eden U Masterclass

Eden U Master class is a 2 Week class for new workers with guaranteed job placement. Trainee’s will learn how to safely and efficiently use equipment with the support of our manufacturing partners. Trainee’s will shown how to identify plants, trim hedges, and plant new gardens to transform backyards and lawns into an oasis. You will learn to work efficiently as a team in a safe, inclusive environment where team members come first in a career you can call your own.