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Effective Lawn Watering Tips for Chicago Homeowners

Chicago homeowners often face different weather challenges. Bitter cold, snowy winters always give rise to hot and humid summers. These climate changes can damage your lawn when it’s not maintained correctly. Chicago homeowners may reduce or ignore their lawn watering during fall and spring because the area receives sufficient rain; however, they’ll need to water more during summertime to ensure the grass keeps growing.

Importance of Watering Lawn

It’s hard to have a well-maintained lawn without watering. Sufficient watering improves your lawn’s quality by ensuring fertilizer and other nutrients penetrate the soil. It also conserves water besides making the grass appear healthy and strong.

Effective Lawn Watering Tips

There are rules you’ll need to follow to ensure effective lawn watering. When these rules are adhered to, you’ll always water right and maintain your lush green lawn. Here are some tips to help you achieve that.

Know the Soil Type in Your Area

Loamy and clay soils are much slower in soaking up water than sandy soil. As such, it’ll affect the amount of watering you do for your grass. Learning your area’s soil type will help you water correctly.

Provide 8-12 Inches Deep of Water

Depending on the soil type, plan every watering session to reach between eight to 12 inches into the ground. Clay soils require 1.5 inches of daily watering, loamy soil needs one, while sandy soil requires half an inch. Consider setting up mason jars and mark the inches on the body while watering to help you determine the right time to stop.

Water Your Lawn in the Morning

Ensure to water your lawn at the right time, usually between 5 am, and 8 am or before the sun rises. Don’t water your grass once the sun is up or in the afternoon as the water will quickly evaporate.

Set Sprinklers Correctly

Consider setting your sprinkler to automatically water the lawn in the morning. It’d be best to have an irrigation system installed; however, you can hook a programmable timer to a spigot and attach it to your garden hoses’ sprinkler. 

Water Certain Types of Grass During Winter

Some cool-grasses usually don’t go dormant entirely during winter. Grass-like bluegrass, fescue, or rye can be watered on mild days without threats of freezing weather.There’s the best time to water the lawn, the appropriate way to do that, and also the need to identify your area’s soil type. All these will ensure an effective watering that will ensure your lawn keeps looking beautiful. However, to ensure your lawn regularly maintains that lush green look contact Eden. Our lawn care services, including mowing, watering, fertilizer application, aeration, and overseeding, will have your lawn continuously looking beautiful to the envy of your neighbour. Contact us today to get a quote.