beautifully-designed front yard will transform your landscape and increase your home’s curb appeal, providing a welcoming, eye-catching setting to relax and enjoy the view around you.

No matter the type of decoration you’re considering for your front yard, incorporating these ideas are trusted ways to make your front yard pop.

Main stone pathway.jpg

Stone Work

Building a stone pathway through your garden is easy and adds an aesthetic appeal to your home. The right stonework will not only boost your property’s appearance but will also increase it’s value. You can add retaining walls to your landscape design. Depending on the look you want to achieve, you can use darker and rougher stones for a rustic appeal or use a lighter and smoother stone for an elegant appeal.

Also, incorporate sandstone planters in decorating your front stone pathway. It gives off a natural effect and blends well with your landscaping designs.


Flowers for the Yard

One of the cheapest and easiest landscaping ideas to use is the flower bed. Adorning your front yard with colorful flowers will give it a welcoming ambiance. You can also incorporate colorful flowers like rose, to your traditional white picket fence, if you have one. Use lots of foliage, seasonal colors, and texture to pull off an eye-catching front yard continuously.

Create a flower bed border by adding a stone edge and mulch to bare flower beds to make it prettier.

Water Feature for the Yard

Consider installing an inexpensive water feature. It adds a beautiful aesthetic appeal to your front yard. When correctly done, water features provide a breath-taking focal point in your front yard landscape. They add sound, texture, and movement to the landscape design. You can choose a fountain, or create a rock-lined waterfall that projects a zen-like feeling with its calming sounds and soothing effects. Ensure you add some flowers to pull off a beautiful look

Grass Type

Create a garden variety yard that’ll turn your front yard into a planter’s paradise. Incorporating different plants can help improve your front yard’s beauty. You can add a heat-resistant but colorful plan like dahlias and petunias that thrives well during summer. Consider adding brick around mounds of foliage, and also add terraced sections for more depth.

Designing your front yard adds an aesthetic look to your home, thereby increasing your curb appeal. Using these easy to do ideas will ensure you achieve that breath-taking effect you desire for your front yard. Eden, a professional landscaping service, helps give your front yard the expert facelift it deserves.

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