Garden Tools

Garden Tools for your home lawn

Common garden tools are ‒ Gloves, Pruning Shears, Loopers, Garden forks, and Hand Trowels, to name a few. Garden or landscaping tools help you in going overboard without any hassle. They may require space to store and compel you to invest money, but these prove very beneficial in taking care of your lawn

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You may find bigger tools to be better, but buying quality tools as per your budget will give you a good return on your investment. Hence knowing the right garden tools you need for your home lawn is important. 


Gardening is a wonderful hobby, but dealing with thorny plants and shrubs can be a painful experience. You can address this problem by using the right pair of gloves. The gloves are durable and easy to use, particularly when working with seeds or carrying out any other task. Before getting the gloves, you must remember certain things to get the best for your lawn use. 

The first thing is the fit, which is a critical feature to check. An excellent fitting glove can help in causing blistering or resulting in accidents from slipping away the fabrics that can help make it water-resistant. 

It can also become breathable and help keep the hands comfortable and relaxed. Choosing longer cuffs can help secure your forearms and wrists from scratches. To keep the gloves in good condition, you should remove them from direct sunlight, water and insects.

Pruning Shears

These are also known as hand prunes. The tool helps shape the plants and prevents them from going out of control. You can cut the anvil-style prune cut seeking the help of a sharp blade meeting any flat surface. These remain similar to any knife put on board. Bypass prunes cut like scissors using a sharp blade. These are good for green wood and prunes. 

If you are dealing with dead wood, using anvil prunes can cause crush injuries to green and fresh stems and branches. Before you take a prune, check if it fits properly in the palm of your hand. 

For getting a cleaner cut without giving any injury to plants, you should have prunes that should be sharpened regularly. If you deal with cutting thick and hard branches, buying ratcheting anvil pruners can help you. 


These are cutting tools and are known as long-handed prunes. The use of loopers is to trim hard tree parts, reach areas and cut the thicker branches. The long handles in loopers help cut via the branches that come to an inch or any diameter. Like the prunes, these are of two types – anvil and bypass. The handles of loopers are 16 to 36 inches. 

Bypass loopers are more popular among landowners as they give an exact cut than the other. The longer-handed loopers are too heavy to handle. It is only meant to reach out at a particular length with its long handle. Choosing a carbon composite or aluminum handle can be lighter if you want light loopers. To keep the loopers functional, you must sharpen the blades too often. 

Garden Fork 

Another vital tool worth checking for turning the soil is the garden fork. These can help in digging the dense soil better than spades. Forks with a slight curve can help scoop the mulch or even turn the compost piles like pitchforks. The forks with straight tines are effective for digging and good for compacting clay or rocky soil. 

Garden forks with square tines remain stronger when compared to flat tines, and they can bend when they hit any root or rock. Experts say ergonomically designed forks made of stainless steel can help you gain good results in your garden. It gives you forks with non-slip handles. 

Hand Trowel 

It is among the essential hand tools for homeowners for their lawns. It helps transplant herbs, and bedding plants, and remove weeds and plant containers. To move more soil, you should choose a broad blade. Similarly, a narrow blade is good for long moves as it helps dig the weeds or the rocking soil. 

Choose the trowel that can easily fit in your hand. All the trowels forged with stainless steel are durable and can last long. Experts recommend using the trowel with sharp blades to help get away with the stubborn roots with greater ease. It is also good for planting bulbs in and around trees.


These are among the short-handed square shovels, which are garden workhorses. They help a lot in carrying out simple work like digging holes for plants, moving small mounds of dirt, and lifting sod from one place to another. Spades are expensive, but getting a quality spade can be longer-lasting than other gardening tools. 

The top surface of the spade is strong and has a good foot surface to enjoy an extra push. Using ash hardwood handles are preferable spades as they are durable and absorb vibration and shock easily. These are available with short and long handles. Spades with longer handles can offer you good leverage, but these tend to remain heavy. The stainless heads are rust-free and remain strong. 


This tool helps in removing the debris and leaves from your lawn. Rakes are available in diverse sizes and styles, but the best ones include the standard leaf rake. Using adjustable rakes carries out two jobs at one point, which further helps reach the narrow areas or collect a large number of leaves. 

The rakes with steel tines are strong and can be used in rough and delicate lawns compared to the plastic tines. Experts recommend considering adjustable garden leaf rakes. It has a decent rake head, which can quickly expand from 7 to 22 inches when you store it in a collapsed position and will allow it to take less room. 


Another essential tool for gardening is the hoe, which is vital for cultivating your soil, edging and doing several other gardening tasks. It is a versatile garden tool that is available in different varieties. However, a standard Draw or Dutch hoe will meet all the requirements of gardeners. It is beneficial for tasks like preparing beds by removing the weeds and preparing for planting. 

The kind of yard you have will decide which hoe you will get for your space. A delicate, tough, thinner hoe is ideal for homeowner’s lawns. Consider the one having a comfortable handle having a long reach. Having a sharp blade is easy to use. Weeding hoes help remove the weeds by moving them to and fro in your garden. As per experts, using a high-grade tempered steelhead with a sharp edge is an ideal choice for gardeners. It has sharp edges of three types in different angles. 

Garden Hose with adjustable nozzle 

This essential tool that takes care of your garden’s water supply. It helps in reaching out in different areas. Hose are available in different diameters while opting for an adjustable nozzle can help control the spray radius and water pressure. 

Before you get one, check the hose length you need in your garden. The length of the hose will hamper the water pressure, and the longer the hose length, the lower the pressure. If you are looking for vinyl hoses, they are inexpensive and lightweight, while the kinks are easier to handle but not long-lasting as they are made of rubber.

Watering wand 

This tool helps in giving your plants and grass a gentle rain shower and having a water-breaking wand. It helps in reaching out the heavy containers used to hang plants or put back the edges of borders. Watering wands are available in various lengths, from 10 to 48 inches. 

Consider the one with the appropriate length as per your requirements. These are longer for high-hanging baskets and shorter for having tighter space. They have built-in shut-off valves that help conserve water and allow them to adjust the flow. 

Watering Can 

These are available in plastic and metal and come in different colors, styles, nozzle options and sizes. Plastic water cans are lighter, but the metal ones are long-lasting. Also, the metal-based cans are galvanized to avoid rusting. When buying it, you have to consider the features like size, strength, weight, not more than 8 pounds, and the amount of water it can accommodate. 

You often require two-size water cans. The first is a larger one with a sprinkler head for gardening activities, while a smaller one has a long neck for houseplants. A dual-handle design with a removable sprinkler nozzle is suitable for gardeners. 


It is an essential tool that can help remove the extra soil from your backyard to the garden. It helps carry the soil and is an essential tool for moving projects. A good quality wheelbarrow is vital to carry hundreds of pounds in and around your yard. 

These are available in different types, including the conventional dual handle, single wheel and two-wheel models. The single wheel is difficult to handle when you have bigger loads as it tends to lose balance due to unevenly distributed loads. The two-wheel models are easier to balance. You can easily store them and clean them to prevent rust.

How to choose the right gardening tool? 

The following are the tips you should keep in mind while choosing the right gardening tools: 

  • Give priority to quality over the cost
  • Consider selecting the best material for the handle
  • Select the tools having interchangeable head
  • The tools you choose should be comfortable to use
  • It is simple to maintain and clean 
  • Find out the best place to buy garden tools 
  • Consider having tools with a proper product warranty 

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In conclusion, common garden tools are ‒ Gloves, Pruning Shears, Loopers, Garden forks, and Hand Trowels, among others. You must get suitable ones for your yard or lawn depending upon the size and cost. 

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Lawn care is all in the details, and we take care of every single one to give you the lawn of your dreams. Contact us today!