Going On Vacation: Options For Snow Removal

Living in a region where snow falls with regularity in the winter is fun for some. Skiing, snowboarding, sledding, and ice skating are all fun winter activities. Many people in Ottawa, Ontario, Cleveland, OH, and Boston, MA, thrive on taking part in such events. In fact, some people can hardly wait for the first snowfall. They are willing to ignore the aches and pains of shoveling snow or the daily grind of waiting for someone, anyone, to clear their roads.

Rideau canal, OTTAWA

However, even those most devoted to snow have vacation plans. They may head to where the slopes are the most challenging, or the runs are family-friendly. Others decide to leave any trace of snow and ice behind. They make plans for a stay where the sun shines every day, the temperatures are hot, the beaches are gleaming white sand, and the water is always inviting. For both types of people, if they live in a region where the snow flies from the sky whether they are there or not; and if they are responsible for shoveling off sidewalks and clearing the snow from their driveways, it is essential to consider the various options for snow removal when they are away.

Vacation Snow Removal Options

Vacation planning should always take into consideration those details affecting your home while you are away. While it makes sense to stop any deliveries or arrange for a neighbor to remove any mail from your box and maybe turn on a few lights, it is just as important to keep the walkways, driveways, and sidewalks clear from snow. To leave them covered may not only result in a fine but can act as a sign to potential thieves that no one is home.

To avoid either scenario means considering the various options at your disposal. They include:

*Ask/hire a neighbor or his/her children to shovel the snow. If you have power tools e.g., snowblower, ATV snowplow, UTV snow plow, snow plow shovel, you can provide them with the means to access them.

*Contact a handyman who occasionally does such jobs for you or someone in the neighborhood. Ask them to clear the snow away while you are gone.

*Hire a professional company to do the work.

Each of these snow removal options has both advantages and disadvantages. Hiring children or your next-door neighbor may be less expensive in one way. However, this is asking a favor. It is also relying on him/her and potentially children to clear the paths, driveway, and sidewalks in a timely and orderly fashion. This is in addition to their own property. Three other potential drawbacks of this arrangement are:

*If an emergency occurs, the kindly neighbor may not be able to fulfill his/her obligations. This can result in fines, and bad feelings may arise over who is obligated to pay them

*If the equipment is damaged, who is liable?

*If a person is hurt or harmed in some way while acting as your snow removal service, not only will you feel bad, but the question of liability and compensation also enters into it.

Depending upon the handy person you contact, similar issues can also result. Furthermore, the equipment they may employ could actually damage your sidewalks and driveways if it is the wrong type, or they are not completely trained in this service. This leaves one option, the better one. This involves hiring a professional snow removal/plowing service.

Why Hire a Professional Snow Removal Company?

It is not difficult to find someone offering snow clearing services. Almost anyone who has a truck can attach a snow plow to it then list their services online. This does not make them an expert in clearing snow away. What is required is finding a company that meets certain criteria:

*Reliability – are there as arranged and can arrive quickly in case of an emergency

*Cost-conscious – provide packages of services that address not only diverse needs but also different levels of affordability

*Versatility – provide various packages e.g., clean sidewalks and/or walkways and/or driveways, operate different equipment to meet specific demands

While typing in the words “snow removal,” “residential/commercial snow plowing,” and “snow removal services” does generate significant numbers, it does not necessarily mean this is the better option. When it comes to finding a professional company capable of responding to your needs – one that listens to you and can tailor a snow removal plan suitable to your property, a third-party app such as Edenapp proves to be more suitable. By using such an app – available via Apple, Android, or edenapp.com, you can remove any worrisome thoughts of snow removal and immerse yourself into your vacation.

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