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Grass Paint: Definition and Usage in Lawn

Grass paint is an eco-friendly, kid/pet-safe, long lasting colorant which is an affordable option to cover discolored and browning patches of grass in your garden or yard. It is becoming an increasingly popular choice for homeowners to maintain a uniform look for their yard and gardens. It helps to hide the patches of grass that turn brown during the winter or a drought. 

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Let’s take a closer look at what grass paint is, and how it is used in a lawn, yard or garden.

What is Grass Paint?

Grass paint is also called “turf paint” or “turf colorant”. It is an eco-friendly paint made from non-toxic and biodegradable materials, such as decayed plants and pulverized kaolin, a type of soft stone. This paint is also safe for kids and pets once it dries completely. It is a long-lasting colorant and doesn’t rub off on clothes or run on misty mornings. It is also not washed away even in heavy rains. 

Grass paint has been used for years but it became popular in recent years when many Southern golf courses began using it to save money, time and the hassle during the winter. Grass paint is designed to keep the grass looking consistently green without the problems that arise from overseeding lawns and gardens with perennial ryegrass. More recently, homeowners have also started using grass paint for its efficiency and ease-of-use. 

Grass paint is an affordable option to keep your lawn looking lush and uniformly green during winter. However, it is a considerably cheaper alternative to overseeding. This paint also acts to keep cool-season grass green with less water in the summer. 

However, grass paint is not something you can buy on the shelf of your local hardware store. It will not cure a dead lawn or revive brown, dying grass. Even if you use grass paint, landscape experts, such as Eden, recommend watering the lawn with at least 0.25 to 0.50 inch every 2 to 4 weeks when it lays dormant. 

Grass Paint

Why to use Grass Paint?

Landscaping and gardening experts label grass paint as an aesthetic type of product which is being increasingly used to make lawns look more attractive. Some of the most common reasons that homeowners are increasingly turning to grass paint for the hot summer months include:

  • Hides problems

Landscaping experts and companies use this colorant to hide the brown blemishes caused by pet urinating and stress from disease which often appear on an otherwise green lawn. It is also widely used on grass affected by drought or during periods of water restrictions to give a uniform green appearance to the lawn or yard. 

  • Improves surface temperature 

Using grass paint also aids in plant growth during the cold weather by increasing the surface temperature. 

  • Low maintenance

Using grass paint to protect the grass from high heat and drought is an excellent and affordable alternative to putting in more fertilizers and watering the garden more frequently. This way, it also helps you to save money and effort in the long run.

How to apply Grass Paint?

Once you have bought the right type of grass paint, you will also need to buy a sprayer (lawn pump, or backpack), along with a garden hose connected to a running water source. 

To begin, you need to make sure that the grass is mowed and dry. Landscaping professionals recommend spraying the grass paint when the grass still has some dew as the moisture helps the paint to take a stronger hold. In case the grass is extremely dry, the blades tend to absorb the pain so you may end up needing extra paint for every square foot of the lawn. 

You should set the sprayer to a fine-mist setting to get the best coverage. Make sure to shake the entire sprayer from time to time so the pigments are evenly dispersed and do not clog the nozzle. 

Experts advise to choose a sunny day with no wind to spray your lawn with grass paint. If there are puddles of water, drain them as they can dilute the paint and give you an off-colored patch. It also prolongs the drying time of the grass paint. 

Which Grass Paint is the best?

Choosing the right type of grass paint is the first step. You should take your time to select the paint according to the grass color, lawn size and conditions so that you can enjoy a long-lasting and greener grass color. 

Where to buy Grass Paint?

You can buy grass paint from a commercial supplier or order it online. You may find grass paint in some of the local hardware stores too, so make sure to check the store first. Else, you can go online and search for company websites that offer various options for grass paint. 

How much Grass Paint to buy?

Usually, a 32-oz. bottle of grass paint will cost around $30, which can easily cover around 500 to 1,000 sq. ft. area. If you buy grass paint in bulk then you can save a significant amount of money as it is more affordable to buy large quantities. 

Oftentimes though, product labels are not clear in terms of application and cost. So, you may need to experiment with a few types to determine which grass paint works best for you. 

How long does Grass Paint last?

Usually, grass paint retains well for 2 to 3 months, depending on several conditions. 

If you paint dormant, brown grass then the paint begins to fade as the grass begins to grow again. Apart from this, mowing, rain and heavy foot traffic can also slowly degrade the paint layer on the grass. Some grass paint companies also make mulch paints to spice up the looks of fading mulch from the previous year. 


Grass paint is an excellent and safe alternative to overseeding and to achieve a consistently green look for your lawn and garden. It makes your lawn and garden look verdant even in hot summer and drought conditions

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