Hitting The Winter Trails: Snowshoeing And More In Guelph Ontario

Guelph, Ontario may not be known for its skiing. It does not have mountainous

trails to climb. However, it does offer visitors and residents alike the chance to
enjoy winter in its version of the Great Outdoors. While several trails may not be
advantageous for simple walking or hiking, they are perfect for snowshoeing and
cross country skiing. Snowshoeing and Cross Country Skiing some trails are less traveled in the winter months than others are. However, where hikers fail to tread, snowshoers and cross country skiers take over as soon as the snow falls fast, furious, and thick.

This is certainly the case with the Eramosa River Trail. This 4.1 kilometer stretch along the Eramosa River loses its runners to snowshoers. The same applies to many other trails in and around Guelph, including those found at nearby Guelph Lake and Rockwood.

Acquaint yourself with these local gems:

  1. Ignatius Jesuit Centre: Just off Highway 6 north as it leaves the city
    behind, covers approximately 500 acres of land including Old Growth Forest
    and tilled fields. It is home to vegetable gardens during the summer and over
    15 kilometers of trails for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing in the
    winter. There are several clearly marked and designated trails to follow
    through bush and across fields. Known as the Guelph Nordic Ski Trail (after
    the group that maintains it), the route passes by the Old Hermitage, the new
    Hermitage. St. Brigid’s Villa and the Willow Dome. Since the Jesuit Centre
    has snow removal services, parking lots are available.
  2. Eramosa River/Royal Recreation Trail: This trail follows the course of the
    Eramosa River as it snakes from Gordon Street to Victoria Road, crosses then
    heads as far as Stone Road. A snow plow clears parts of the trail – usually, a
    portion of the Royal Recreation Park, but most of it is left “as is” for those
    who snowshoe or are cross-country skiers.
  3. Guelph Lake Water Trail: Although the Guelph Lake Conservation Area is
    closed during the winter to many events, it is still accessible for those who
    like to snowshoe or cross country ski. The entry trail is at the Nature Centre
    Building. The route takes those who use it in a loop through the cedar forest,
    beside the Speed River to the Guelph Dam and back.
    Although not in Guelph Ontario, nearby Rockwood Conservation Area offers locals and visitors a chance to experience a unique and challenging type of snowshoeing adventure. The rocky terrain with steep inclines provides those who visit spectacular views from jutting heights as well as the chance to visit the historic ruins of the old Rockwood Woolen Mill.

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