Lawn Grubs

How And When To Kill Lawn Grubs?

One of the most common ways of killing lawn grubs is to use chemical insecticides. The next option is dethatching your lawn, which will help you eliminate lawn grubs. You can find them in warm areas. You must start acting once you notice them on your lawn, mainly during the warm weather. Once they establish themselves on the lawn, it becomes difficult to get rid of them.

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 You may find them attractive, but they are no less than a gross menace in any lawn. They attack the roots and make the plants weak to die. Hence it is essential to regulate them. In this article, we will discuss controlling lawn grubs and understand what we should do. Now, let us begin: 

Do you have a lawn Grub Problem? 

You may find grubs showing no problem; however, how do you know it creates any problem? We see grubs eating grass roots, which makes it simple to pull them out in chunks. If it is firmly rooted, you may face issues like dog urine damage and brown patches. 

As per experts, you have to follow a simple test. All you need to do is pull up around 1 square foot of area, and if you find more than six grubs, then it’s time to treat them. It is also a good idea to keep your eyes open to check their presence on the lawn. 

How to Control Grub? 

Once you find grubs in your yard, chemical insecticides are the best way to kill them. Some effective insecticide control products against this menace include clothianidin, thiamethoxam and imidacloprid. However, it can only work if you use it during June and July. 

If you consider this job in August, when you see the brown patches appearing, it’s too late for you to do it. Chemicals like trichlorfon and carbaryl are known as curative treatments, which are short-lived products, but these are effective instantly. Also, you need to follow the label directions with care. 

Improper application of insecticides can damage not just people but also insects, including the beneficial lawn pollinators. One of the best ways to address the damage is to mow the lawn before applying anything. Hence you do not need any weed flower that keeps on attracting pollinators to a temporarily poisoned yard. 

Dethatch the best way to deter lawn grubs 

One of the best ways to get rid of the lawn grubs is to dethatch your lawn organically, avoiding chemical use. Experts emphasize using this option of keeping the thatch down to a minimum. If you can fertilize the lawn using nitrogen once a year will help in keeping things at par. 

Also, it is essential to note which grass is greatly affected by lawn grubs. This means you have to choose one kind of species of turfgrass over another one. The species like Kentucky bluegrass and perennial ryegrass are easily damaged with around 12 grubs per square foot before any damage. 

Any competent organic care professional has the expertise of killing the grubs effectively without damaging anything. They know the art of dethatching the lawn the best . It helps in gaining 100 percent control of grubs. 

When should you apply Grub Killer? 

It is always a good idea to apply them when they are seen the most. This is usually during the summers when the grubs are visible all around the yard. They are present across the year, but they get intense during summers. The problems start to emerge during the early spring season. Hence, the best time to apply grub killer is during these two seasons – spring and late summer.

You will start noticing the sign of grub damage during the early spring. Perhaps this is when you should begin preventing grubs and play an important role in controlling the same. However, once you see some brown patches or dead grass, you need to employ a grub killer instantly to kill them all. 

The Grub Damage 

The grub damage can go worse in large urban and suburban critters. These include raccoons and skunks that remain apt to claw for the complete lawn considering some delicacies. The damage to the animals alone can help in preventing them in a big way. 

In most cases, we see grubs are not discovered until racoons and skunks start digging over them. However, white grubs are often called the force of nature. You need to ideally prevent them from spreading or reaching the over-infestation in the market. 

How to Prevent lawn Grub Damage? 

The preventive treatment should start before hatching the grub eggs. This way, you can easily regulate the situation before it gets worse. At this juncture, The preventative product will be able to kill the grub before they come to the initial stage before forming any kind of damage. You can use insecticides like Dylox 420 SL and Merit 0.5 G Insecticide Granules. 

Also, you can reduce the possibility of eggs that adult beetles lay down with the help of controlling the population of adult beetles in your yard. However, the control measure will defer as per the kind of beetle you come across on your lawn. You can use insecticides like Talstar P and Triple Crown T&O to keep them at bay. 

How do you know that you have lawn grubs? 

The lawn grubs often give obvious signs of their presence in the lawns. You can easily find out their presence by carrying out a simple soil test. All you need is to choose any one square spot by picking the said area sod and then dig it two or three inches deep. Once you do that, you can inspect the lawn grub and other worm-like pests. 

In conclusion, lawn grubs are a big menace in your yard. Their presence can ruin the plants and grasses, giving a shabby look to the space. It is always a good idea to prevent them with proper treatment. Calling a professional group like Eden can help you get an effective solution. They have the expertise and competent team to keep the menaces like lawn grab at bay. 

Lawn care is all in the details, and we take care of every single one to give you the lawn of your dreams. Contact us today!