How Do Eden Contractors Work?

Dear viewer, did you go through our embedded video?

Well, yes this is what the landscaping and lawn care contractors across the US feel about the EDEN Contractors App. EDEN not only assigns tasks to these skilled individuals, but we also ensure that their payments are received on time.

EDEN is an exemplary app which has the capability to provide service. Ensure that your property’s curb appeal is not harmed during the four seasons. All this is possible with a huge network of contractors who readily accept the projects and attend to the requirements of the property owners. All this through our app.

There are 1,000 contractors who use Eden’s contractor app and are immensely happy with the projects they are getting through our app. 

Read on to know how exactly we process the whole service request.

Homeowners who want to use Eden can order the job through the app to schedule a no-contract lawn maintenance job and they will be sent a quote.

If they accept the work, it will be distributed to local contractors. Who will be able to accept or decline it. When the job begins and when it is completed, the customer will be notified.

This software is really beneficial to local contractors. Because the EDEN customer app covers their full service area. When the service note is issued to the contractors, they know exactly what work has to be done.. And they also have the clarity of the amount they would earn with this job. There are contractors in today’s date who earn nearly $2000 a week just from EDEN. Most of the apps these days are unclear about the contractor’s payment for the job done, but with EDEN it is never like that.

Now, it is not that EDEN takes care of the contractor only. In fact it gives the best of the service to its property owner clients as well. EDEN follows a stringent policy of quality control. Any time a service provider receives less than a 4-star review and if it repeats for three times EDEN personally looks into the matter. And makes sure that it does not repeat.

In order to work as a contractor with Eden. Liability insurance, a company account, and a current licence are all required of landscapers. So, EDEN also takes care of the authenticity and integrity of the contractors before assigning them to the property owners.

Want to join the network of EDEN contractors? 

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