How Do I Bring My Lawn Back To Life?

Putting life back to your lawn after a good extensive winter as bringing the lushness of the lawn again is a challenging yet a rewarding process. You will have to be vigilant towards the lawn and also towards the weather change. As soon as the spring shows up, it is necessary to prep your lawn for the summer by priming the lawn.

Generally, if your lawn is under the maintenance of professional lawn care services then you absolutely don’t need to worry as they would take care of it very well. They would be performing the necessary procedures on the lawn to keep it aesthetically beautiful and healthy all through the year.

You can check out the guide below about lawn care explaining the essential features of bringing back your lawn to life.

5 Key Features to Bring Back Your Lawn

Removing the Winter Weeds

All through the snow seasons and winters, there is an extensive growth of moss, fungi, dry or dead blades in your lawn. You will have to check for the snow moulds as well which are seen in extreme winters. You will have to clear off these from the lawn in order to prepare your lawns for the reseeding time.

Reseeding the Lawn

Once you have cleared out the weeds of winter there would be sparse spaces in your lawn. You will have to cover them up with reseeding. This process is totally inexpensive and very easy to carry out irrespective of performing it on new lawns or as patchworks. You will have to sow the seeds and take care of it with the right kind of watering. You will have to frst water the soil wherever you are planning to sow the seeds, then sow the seeds and wait till you find sprouts before watering it again. Excess watering might wash away the seed and also might develop moulds.

Mow the Grass Well for them to Grow

Mowing is yet another key for a nourished and green growth of the grass. As the winter recedes and you see dry grass seedlings, you can begin the mowing procedure with a routine of once a week in summer from once a fortnight in spring. You will notice thick growth of the grass. The mowed grass can be later used as a compost.

Regular Lawn Feeding

As humans need food to survive and live a quality life, similarly, the existing foliage needs good quality food to bring back life in the garden. Once your lawn is entirely free of weed and moss you can add some feeds which are for the lawns specifically. There are few feeds which have medicines to kill the unwanted fungi as well. If you have pets at home you must be careful while checking for the feeds as few might not be pet friendly.

Lawn Aeration

There is a huge chance that due to various weather conditions, the lawn can become too compacted with lots of air absorption restriction, nutrient restriction or water restriction at the root levels. For the aeration, the process is easy but you will have to put real effort and thus it is advised to hire a professional lawn care company to carry out the tasks. Time is the key for this process.

Hope this guide gives you knowledge about how to revive your lawns. You can contact us for maintaining your lawns and stay rest assured to find the lawns in healthy and great state all through the various weathers.