She Shed cost

How much does a She Shed cost?

On average, the cost of building a shed in the United States is around USD 3,634, where homeowners pay between USD 1,767 to USD 9,567 to have a professionally-constructed shed in their yard. You can expect to pay as low as USD 363 and as high as USD 30,000 for a garden shed. In addition, you can buy a pre-fabricated garden shed kit for around USD 1,500 to USD 5,000

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She shed costs usually vary depending on several factors, such as shed size, design and material. Besides this, adding extra features to the shed also increases the overall cost of building it. 

Let’s check out the details of how much does a she shed cost.

Cost of Shed by Size

Cost of Shed by Size

One of the most significant factors that influence the total cost of having a shed built in your yard or garden is the size. The bigger the shed size, the more expensive it is, as more labor hours and material are required.

You should decide the size of the shed according to how you plan to use the shed. If you want a loft or a space for a guest-bed, this will likely increase the size, and cost, of building a shed. If you want a quiet space to read or work, then you should choose a small to medium-sized shed. 

Other Factors 

There are several other factors that determine the overall cost of a shed. Apart from the size, these are the different factors that influence the total cost of building a shed:

Custom designs vs. Pre-fabricated kits

Custom designs vs. Pre-fabricated kits

Building your home shed using a pre-fabricated kit is less expensive than building one from scratch using a custom design.


If you are not handy with tools, you will have to call in professionals to build a shed, which includes hiring electrician and plumber. These services influence the overall cost of building a shed significantly. 

Building material

Some shed materials are more expensive than others, so the type of materials being used to build one also influence the total cost of a shed.


You will need to spend money on decorating the she shed with soft chairs and fluffy pillows. 


Insulating a she shed is also essential to ensure indoor temperatures are comfortable during winter and summer.

Land preparation

Building a she shed in the yard will require evaluating the land and having it prepared by professionals. This is essential to ensure that the shed has a solid foundation.

Additional features

You may wish to decorate the exterior and interior of the shed, such as putting in unique touches and plush amenities. As there is no limit to the number of items you may wish to install in your new shed, the total cost is influenced by this.

Now, let’s take a more detailed look at how these factors influence the total cost of building a she shed in your yard:

Pre-fabricated kit vs. Custom design

Type of Building Material

The type of shed you build is significant to calculate the overall cost. Here are some common ways to build a she shed:

  • Assembling and installing a pre-fabricated shed kit
  • Purchasing pre-fabricated shed kit that is already assembled 
  • Hiring a professional to design and build a custom-designed shed
  • Converting an old tool shed already in the yard

Pre-Fabricated Shed Kits

You can buy a pre-fabricated shed kit in the US for around USD 1,500 to USD 5,000 at your local home improvement store. You can find a variety of options to choose from. 

Custom-Design Sheds

A pre-fabricated shed kit has all the shed’s parts (walls, windows, roofing, etc.). This kit usually comes with a set of instructions on how to assemble and install it using the different pieces. 

If you are handy with tools and comfortable handling large-scale, complex DIY projects, then you may be able to assemble and install a pre-fabricated shed kit all on your own. If not, you can also buy a pre-assembled pre-fabricated shed kit. This is already assembled and only needs to be installed at the chosen spot in your yard or garden. 

Custom-Design Sheds

You can hire professional carpenters to create a custom-design she shed for your garden, for around USD 50 to USD 100 per hour (for labor costs). This is usually the more expensive option to building a she shed as you need to pay professionals for designing the shed plans, buying materials and labor charges. 

Custom-designed sheds are more intricate and complicated than your conventional pre-fabricated shed kits, which increases the total cost of installation. 

On the other hand, you can choose to rejuvenate and transform an existing tool or garden shed into a she shed. This way, you can save significantly on material charges. Fixing and renovating an old storage shed is more feasible and affordable than assembling/designing and installing a new she shed. You may have to pay for the cost of pain, putting in new windows/doors or building a small deck/patio out front. 

Type of Building Material

The type of material you choose to build a she shed also influences the final cost. Some materials have more advantages than others, and are hence more expensive. Brick is usually the most expensive type of material to use for building a she shed. 

The types of materials that are commonly used to erect a she shed are:

  • Bricks
  • Wood 
  • Vinyl
  • Metal 


As mentioned earlier, brick sheds are most expensive and can cost as much as USD 30,000 to install. Brick sheds are not common so you may need to find an experienced builder who is familiar with erecting custom-designed brick sheds. 


Wood sheds are more popular, thanks to their aesthetic appeal and easy customization. You can buy wood in different varieties and colors and can even paint it according to your choice. Wood allows you to add windows and skylights to your shed design and is more affordable than bricks. However, wooden shed need to be maintained more frequently than brick sheds as wood is susceptible to rot and decay.


Vinyl is also used to building a she shed. It is a lightweight material and extremely easy to install. This material is also resistant to rot, decay and pest infestation. You can buy vinyl material for sheds in a variety of colors. However, you will not be able to repaint a vinyl shed, if it starts losing its paint. 


Metal is also resistant to pest infestation and rot. However, metal sheds are less stable than others and not recommended for areas with high winds and heavy snow

Cost of Labor

Pre-fabricated shed kits usually cost between USD 1,500 to 5,000, but this does not include the labor charges. If you hire a professional to install a pre-fabricated shed kit, you should expect to pay anywhere between USD 50 per hour to USD 100 per hour towards cost of labor. 

Apart from this, you will also need to hire an electrician to install wirings and connect lights, ceiling fans, air conditioners and power outlets. Usually, electricians charge between USD 44 per hour to USD 100 per hour, depending on the area and type of task. 

Additionally, you will also need to hire a plumber if you want running water in a she shed. This is especially true if you plant to use the shed as a studio. You can expect to hire a plumber for this job for around USD 45 per hour to USD 150 per hour

Land Preparation

This is another service for which you will need to hire a professional. Grading a land by a professional can cost between USD 1 to USD 10 per sq. ft. To adjust the slope of the area with additional soil, you will need to pay professional between USD 7.50 and USD 13.50 per cubic yard of fill dirt. 


The national average cost of building a she shed in the US is around USD 3,634, and ranging anywhere between USD 1,767 to USD 9,567. At the least, you should expect to pay around USD 363 while the highest cost of building a shed is around USD 30,000 or more. It is highly recommended to consult and hire professionals, such as Eden to have the most affordable and comfortable she shed built in your yard or lawn. 

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