How Much Does Snow Removal Cost?

Snow Removal

As beautiful as snow may look on your driveway, you’ll need to clear it, if you’re going to take out your vehicle. However, shoveling snow can be a pain, especially in areas with regular snowfalls. Fortunately, a snow removal company can save you all the hassles and health issues associated with shoveling.

Snow Removal Prices

There are a variety of snow removal methods, which is only one component that goes into determining how much you’ll pay for snow removal. Plowing services are typically sought by people requiring snow removal, but shovelings and snow blowing services are also available. The cost depends on the size of the area that needs to be cleared, as well as how much snow needs to be removed depending on your location. Those who live in a colder region or one with higher annual snowfall or snow storm, may want to consider investing in a season-long snow removal service contract with professionals. 

Average Snow Removal Prices

The average cost for removing six-inch snow is between $75 to $150 per visit. However, the removal of smaller snow sizes like 2 inches will cost less. For removal of snow above six inches, the rule of thumb is to add $30 for each additional half-foot of snow.

If ‘By what time will they clear your driveway?’ has been your thought all over the winter, we are here to help you easily drive away.

Snow Plow Rates

Plows are good options for a spacious surface area. There is the pickup truck plow, which for large driveways and the full-sized plows for large parking lots or streets. Either option is perfect and can range from $30 to $95 per visit.

Shoveling Prices

A snow removal service can help with shoveling if you want quality service and without damage to your lawn. Shoveling snow can cost between $25 to $75 per hour.

Blowing Estimates

Snow blowers can remove low amounts of snow from curvy areas. They are faster and safe for your walkway and can cost between $25 to $70 per hour.

DIY Snow Removal tips for your Home

Shoveling snow is one of the most aggravating aspects of winter. You might as well wait until spring and let everything melt. The effort, on the other hand, must be made. If you’re weary of wasting time and money every winter clearing snow, it’s time to implement these snow removal ideas for your home to make the process easier, more productive, and better than ever. 

Driveways and walkways should be marked with tall stakes

We are accustomed to snowfall in Upstate New York. As a result, you should follow our suggestion and place massive stakes around your driveway and other paths. Whether you employ a snow ploughs firm, shovel your own snow, or utilize a snow blower, it’s beneficial. With a couple of feet of snow on the ground, it’s not as easy to find your driveway as you might expect. 

Roof Rakes are useful for slanted roofs

A roof rake, which is a long-handled instrument specifically built for this purpose, may be able to remove snow and ice off a sloped roof.

Examine the Effects of Ice Melt

Salt (sodium chloride), calcium chloride, calcium magnesium acetate, and urea are just a few of the solutions available for removing a slick driveway or even a sidewalk. It’s crucial to understand the potential repercussions of using each type of ice melt because these materials can harm your plants, your home’s flooring, or your pets. This is the best DIY technique to remove snow.

Snow should not be placed near the foundation

When it comes to snow removal, this is a common blunder that many homeowners overlook. Avoid piling snow adjacent to the side of your house when clearing snow from a roof, deck, or driveway. This will only produce problems such as frozen pipes and maybe foundation cracks in your property. 

Shovel Frequently

When it comes to snow removal, the reality is that it must be done frequently. The snow doesn’t seem to be stopping, but if it does, it will only make your task more difficult the next day. If you wait until the next day to remove the snow, it will stick to the ground and possibly freeze. This makes your task ten times more difficult.

What are the Cost Factors?

Here’s a breakdown of the factors that determine how much a snow removal cost:

%u25CF   The size of the driveway or walkway

%u25CF   The amount of snowfall

%u25CF   The type of equipment used.

The longer your walkway and the more the snow you get, the more the project’s cost. Secondly, areas that experience a high amount of snowfall regularly will have higher rates. Also, the type of equipment, such as a blower, plow, or shovel, can add to the cost.

Removal vs. Plowing

Snow removal and plowing are quite different. Removal involves transferring the snow away from the vicinity. It requires extra plowing equipment and will cost higher to carry out. On the other hand, plowing consists of pushing off the snow to the side. This option is the most popular and costs less.

Snow Removal Contracts

Eden offers no contracts or seasonal fees. We only charge for snow removal based on a client’s need. Our three packages include:

%u25CF   One-time snow removal

%u25CF   Automated snow removal services

%u25CF   Add-on walkaway clearing services

Residential vs. Commercial

A residential snow removal project demands less equipment and working hours. Therefore, it may not be expensive. Commercial projects usually include high-risk and frequently-traveled areas like apartment buildings, restaurants, and grocery stores. These places require the utmost attention and will cost more.


The cost of removing snow depends on different factors. Therefore, we’ll first assess your property before giving you a specific rate. Contact us to help with your snow removal issue

If you don’t want to shovel the snow yourself don’t worry our trusty snowplow operator will clear your driveway! EDEN is just a Call away.