How Much Does Sod Cost?

What is Sod?

Sod is grass and a portion of the soil beneath it held together by the root system or in some cases by a thin layer of biodegradable material. That is only a small part of what sod is. When exploring the many benefits of sod, there are other aspects that are worth checking out.

Where is Sod Used?

There are several places where you can find sod: lawns, gardens, parks, sports fields, golf courses, playgrounds, etc. It’s also used for landscaping purposes such as retaining walls, walkways, patios, driveways, pool decks, etc. In addition to these uses there are numerous ways to use sod including using it as an alternative to concrete pavers, brick pavers, stone pavers, wood pavers, etc.

What is sodding grass?

Installation of strips of pre-grown grass on exposed and prepared soil is done by a professional. The sod can be set up in a few weeks. This grass is grown on farms across the country by professional farmers.

Sod cost can vary depending on the type of sod you choose. The most common types are:

1) Topsoil – The top soil and sand have been mixed together to make it easier for plants to grow in. It is usually used as a base layer before planting turf grass seeds.

2) Loam – A loamy mix that contains clay particles and organic matter such as composted manure.

What price does sod cost?

The average cost of sod is between $0.30 to $0.83 per square foot. The cost for professionally installed sod is between $0.87 and $1.76 per square foot.

Sod gives you a carpeted lawn almost immediately, unlike seeds which take one to two years to grow. How much will it cost you to have that luxury?

Sod costs on average between $0.30 to $0.83 a square foot. If you want the sod to be installed by a professional, you’ll have to pay up to $1.76 per square foot.

Your final bill is dependent on sod type, yard size and soil prep. Do you want to put a sprinkler system in? You are going to pay more for that service.

The average cost for sodding a 1/6-acre lawn is between $2,813 and $7,603. The cost for a professional installation will be between $6,623 and $13,681.

How Much Does Sod Cost for a 1/5-Acre Property?

Average Range for 1/5-acre of Sod: $2,813 to $7,603

Average Range for 1/5-acre of Sod and Labor: $6,623 to $13,681

You can use the numbers above to estimate how much sod installation will cost you. Your total project cost will be affected by a number of factors, including your yard’s size, landscape features, and terrain.

The cost is expected to be between $0.30 and $0.83 per square foot of sod. Most sod installers charge an additional labor fee of between $0.57 and $0.93 per square foot if you want professional sod installation. For both labor and materials, you can expect to pay between $0.87 and $1.76 per square foot.

If you’ve already bought the sod and paid for the labor, some companies will charge an hourly rate of between $32.50 to $77.50 an hour.

Most sod farms sell their sod by the pallet. A pallet normally has 450 square feet of sod cut into squares or rolls. Depending on the supplier, there can be up to 650 square feet of pallet.

The cost of a 450-square-foot pallet of sod is between $133 and $363. Suppliers can sell sod by the square yard or roll, but remember that roll-dimensions will vary from supplier to supplier.

Cost Estimator by Sod Type

lawn care

The quality of your lawn can be affected by the type of sod you put on it. Some grass types are more expensive because of their higher tolerances for disease. You can expect to pay more per square foot for the better quality sod. 

Other Factors That Affect Cost

The final bill for your sod project may not fall in the expected price range. The total sod installation cost can be determined by a number of variables.

The shape of your yard, delivery charges, and ground prep work are some of the factors that can lead to a bill. We will give you an idea of how much your sod project is going to cost you.

Size of area

The size of your lawn/yard – larger yards are generally more expensive than smaller ones because it takes longer to cover them with grass seed..

There is an average yard size of 8,712 square feet or 1/6-acre. Depending on the size of the yard, homeowners can pay between $6,623 to $13,681 for sod and labor or between $2,813 to $7,603.

It’s not easy to figure out the average cost for sod installation that can be used by homeowners. The national average includes lawn or yard sizes from all over the country, which may be nowhere near the size of your own yard.

It’s better to estimate your total cost by square footage, rather than using an overall national average.

Shape of area

It’s easier to lay sod in a perfectly square or rectangular yard than it is in an oddly shaped yard/Lawn.

In an oddly shaped yard, professionals will need to take additional steps to make sure alignments are accurate. You could be charged a higher labor rate due to the additional labor required.

Access to area

The labor rates may go up if the installers don’t have enough access to the area that needs sodding.

It will take more time and labor to carry the sod over a large distance if you have a large yard.

Delivery fees

Sod delivery fees are charged by some suppliers. Delivery fees ranged from $63 to $233 on average, so add them to your total cost.

Ground prep work

The ground needs to be prepared before laying down sod. If you want a professional to do the work for you, you can hire them. The ground preparation will cost more than the sod installation service.

Usually ground preparation includes:

The topsoil is being installed.

Landscape obstacles

The installation process can be difficult because of existing landscaping.

When installing sod around obstacles in the landscape, it will take more effort to achieve correct alignment and may lead to higher labor costs.

Extra Services

If you’re thinking about remodeling the lawn, why not consider a few extra services? You might prefer one of these services over sod installation. While sod installation does give you a green lawn quickly, there are other options to get green grass.


If you want to save money, seeding your lawn is a much low-cost option than sodding. If you catch a few bare areas that need filling in, seeding is an option.

The cost of seeding a lawn varies from $336 to $1,010 for most homeowners. The area’s size that you need overseeded or reseeded will not always apply to the average lawn size.

Artificial turf

Artificial Truf

Synthetic turf may be a good way to save on water and landscape maintenance.

The cost of installing an artificial grass lawn varies depending upon the type of product used. The more durable products are typically less expensive than those that require frequent replacement or repair. For example, some manufacturers offer warranties up to 20 years while others only provide 10 year coverage. In addition, there is also a wide range of prices based on the size of your yard. A small backyard will likely have lower installation costs compared to larger yards.

Installation of artificial turf costs an average of $12.33 per square foot, ranging from $5.50 to $18.6 per square foot. The installation of artificial turf in a 500- square-foot area will cost between $3,104 to $7,245 for the average homeowner.

Sprinkler system

The convenience of a built-in sprinkler system is something you may want to consider before laying down sod. It won’t be a problem for you to find the time to water your lawn, as it will stay hydrated.

Installation of a sprinkler system in a quarter-acre yard can cost between $2,080 and $3,520.

Irrigation Systems for Sod Lawns

An regular water sprinkler from the garden store may perfect for those with green thumbs and a penchant for following to routines. If you have a hectic schedule or simply don’t have the time to pay special attention to your lawn, a sprinkler irrigation system installed under your sod and set on a timer is a good investment. We all know someone who has forgotten to turn on the water – or, worse, who has left it running all day and night until the grass has turned into a squishy haven for mildew and fungus. A sophisticated irrigation system eliminates the ‘human component,’ ensuring proper watering.

Many irrigation systems are available on the market that may be set up to ensure that every square inch of a lawn receives the exact quantity of moisture it requires. An introductory system plus installation for a 200 square metre lawn in front and back of a large house can cost anywhere from $2,500 to $3,500 or more, depending on the vendor. While the initial outlay may be scary for some, the investment will pay for itself over time – at the very least, over the life of your healthy sod lawn.

Irrigation System Types for Your Sod Lawn

Sprinklers with a spray head:

When the water is running, pop-up sprinklers really jump up from the ground; spray head

Drip Sprinklers:

These systems are a little more advanced, and they use a moderate but continuous drip to guarantee that you don’t overwater your plants. These are more typically found on farmland than on sod lawns.

Sprinklers with Gear-Driven Rotors:

These popular systems produce a distinct sound that you’ve probably heard on golf courses, public parks, and the occasional home property. The sod is effectively irrigated by multiple rotating streams.

Watering Tips for After You Have Your Irrigation System in Place:

Set the system to begin watering your new grass lawn within 30 minutes of installation if you have a new sod lawn.

• Water the turf just enough to keep it moist down to the first 6 inches beneath the surface.

• The optimum time to water is in the morning. Watering at night might lead to illnesses and fungus!

Water your lawn as needed once the initial two weeks are up. Keep in mind that overwatering can be just as dangerous as drought.

When and how often to water

Deeper watering and fewer frequent watering are recommended. To ensure that less water evaporates during the day, we recommend watering your grass twice a week at 6:00 a.m.

If you conclude that you can provide one inch of water to your lawn using the above method, you’ll need a rain gauge to track how much rain falls on your grass. Then, when rain is expected, you may switch off your irrigation system and just put it back on as necessary to avoid overwatering.

Cost of DIY Sod Installation

Installation of sod can be done by yourself. You might not get the same results as hiring a professional if you prepare the ground back-aching. Learning how to install sod the right way will take time.

What you will need average cost purpose

The cost for a 1/6-acre is between $2,813 to $7,603 per square foot.

Fertilizer $5 to $10 per 1,000 square feet To maintain the lawn

Tape Measure $10 To measure yard space and sod

To test the soil, you need to pay 14 dollars.

A deposit of $25 is required to flatten and smooth out the sod on a lawn roller rental.

A shovel costs $24 to remove soil or old grass.

If you want to level the soil, you’ll need $50.

A deposit of $50 to $150 is required when renting a rotiller for four hours.

To remove old grass in large areas a sod cutter rental is necessary.

Spreading the fertilizer cost $81

The wheelbarrow costs $90 to transport sod, soil and other materials.

Why you should Hire a Professional

The cost of your sod project is also influenced by whether you install it yourself. As you might expect, employing a professional for your sod installation has its own set of benefits. You can sit back and relax knowing that the job will be done appropriately if you contract it out. A professional will typically remove your old grass, prepare and fertilise your soil, and then lay new sod. However, keep in mind that, in addition to the sod, there are additional costs associated with a do-it-yourself sod installation tool. If you hire Eden we can give you perfect sod solutions for your lawn. In our website you will get various information about various topics. We have lot of experience in this.

DIY cost vs. professional sod installation cost

Saving money and providing professional results are some of the reasons why good do it yourself projects are popular. You won’t always get the professional touch you’re looking for when it comes to installing sod on your own, as material and rental costs can add up quickly. Installation of sod can take a lot of time and labor.

When you hire a professional, they will do all the heavy lifting for you, including delivering the sod, preparing the ground and installing your new lawn. If you want to lay the sod yourself, hiring a professional is often more economical.

Cost of Sod Installation by Location

The cost of sod and sod installation is covered in this guide. Depending on your location, these sod prices may vary. Delivery fees are expected to rise if you live far away from sod suppliers. There are sod farms in your area that have higher or lower rates.

FAQ’s About Sod

A thick layer of grass is growing on a small area of soil. It is usually sold by the pallet and placed on rich soil to take root. A seed lawn can take up to two years to mature, whereas a sod lawn can be green in under a day. Although artificial grass is less expensive than sod, it is more expensive.

1.How long does new sod take to develop a root system?

Usually sod takes root in 14 days. When the sod becomes difficult to lift off the ground, the root system has matured. Don’t disturb your sod for the first two weeks while it’s establishing itself.

2.How many square feet are in a pallet of sod?

The most common area for a pallet of sod is 450 square feet. You should always ask your supplier how much sod he or she provides.

3.How Much Does it Cost to Sod a Lawn?

You can expect to pay between: Depending on the size and condition of your yard, you could expect to pay between:

  • Removal of existing grass and weeds costs $1,000-$2,000.
  • For grading, you can get up to $3,000
  • Per fertilizer treatment, expect to pay between $80 and $380.
  • Depending on where you reside, dirt costs $12-$30 per cubic yard. Depending on the weight and location, topsoil delivery fees range from $15 to $200 or more. For five cubic yards delivered, expect to pay $75-$350. For minor projects, bagged topsoil can be purchased for $2-$5 per bag at your local hardware shop.
  • One pallet of sod costs between $450 and $900 to install. When laid in neat rows, the pallet can cover up to 450 square feet. If you need it cut to fit the form of the yard, it may only cover a fraction of the area.

4.How to measure one inch of water?

When you turn on your sprinkler system, the only way to know how much water your lawn gets is to measure it. Conducting an irrigation audit is one way to accomplish this. To begin, double-check that your sprinkler system is covering all areas of your lawn. If not, make the necessary changes.

Next, place small containers (tuna cans, water bottles, or soda cans split in half, for example) throughout your lawn, turn on your irrigation for 20 minutes, and measure how much water gathers in each.

You can use this information to see if you need to add or alter sprinkler heads, as well as how long you should water to get one inch of water.

5.When is the Best Time to Lay Sod?

Knowing when to lay sod produces a beautiful, healthy yard. Early or mid-fall, believe it or not, is the best time to do this. Although spring is a terrific time of year to do this landscaping project, because grass continues to grow despite the cooler temperatures in early and mid-autumn, fall seasons win this close battle as the best time to install sod. Different periods of the year may be better depending on where you live, but early and mid-fall are considered the finest times of the year in general.

6.How irrigation sprinkler system works ?

Sprinkler irrigation is a method of watering your land that works similarly to rain. Pumping is used to circulate water through a series of pipes. It is then divided by sprinklers, resulting in tiny water drops falling to the ground.


The process of buying sod is easy. It’s a good idea to hire a local lawn care professional near you to install your new sod. For labor and sod, you can expect to pay between $0.87 and $1.76 per square foot. If you purchase the sod and only need to pay for labor, some professionals will charge an hourly rate that’s typically between $37.50 to $72.50 an hour. The cost of sodding is determined by a variety of factors, including the type of sod purchased and the amount of labour required to lay down your lawn.