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How Much Should You Pay for the Sod?

On an average, the cost of sod is between  $0.30 to $0.83 per square foot. However, if you are looking to install it by seeking a professional, it can go up to $0.87 to $1.76 per square foot, which covers material and labor costs. Also, while calculating the cost, the factors like location, weather conditions and sod choice are considered. 

Also, you can buy the sod separately so that you only pay for the labor cost. It comes to around $35 to $75 per hour. However, it is always a good idea to call a professional with the material as it can reduce the hassle of bringing the sod to your home. 

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The other factors impacting the final bill include the sod type, size of your yard and soil preparation. If you want to add a sprinkler system, it will also cost you extra. Eden brings out a detailed discussion about the cost you have to pay for sod for your lawn. 

Calculating Sod Prices 

The cost is based on a few factors, which include the unit of measure (like square foot, roll or pallet), installation costs, the types of grass, delivery charges and regional location. If you buy sod for half an acre area yard, the average cost for installing grass sod is around $1800

If you plan to install the sod on a DIY option, you would require additional equipment, including a sod cutter to remove the old grass, a tamping roller, compost or fertilizer, topsoil, etc. When you hire any professional, you get a flat rate for the sod installation, which is often cheaper when compared to DIY installation. On an average, the price of a pallet of any common sod could range between $160 to $385 per pallet. 

Cost Estimation as per Sod Type 

The kind of sod you choose to install will significantly impact the quality of your yard. If the grass on your lawn faces higher foot traffic and is infected by diseases and drought, it will be a costly affair. If you want high-quality sod, you have to pay more per square foot. The following are the average sod cost for the common grasses: 

Factors That Affect the Cost

The final bill for the sod venture will not often meet your expected price range. This is because there are many more elements that come into the picture to define the sod installation cost. You have to count upon the factors like your yard’s shape, delivery charges, preparation work, etc can add in your final bill. We will now discuss these factors so that you can have a fair idea about how much you are going to pay for this venture. 

Size of Area 

If you have a large size yard, you will need more sod, which means additional cost. Typically, if you have a half acre  (8,712 square feet ) area, it will cost you around  $2,813 to $7,603 only for sod, while with labor it will be extra ranging from  $6,623 to $13,681. 

Shape of Area 

Perfect shapes like rectangle or square shape yards are easy to handle, thus keeping the cost low compared to curved or oddly shaped yards. Professionals require extra effort to get precise alignment in any irregular lawn. It will need additional labor, which means the extra cost as it requires more time to process by the installers. 

Delivery charges 

Some suppliers add delivery charges to your bill. Thus when you estimate the cost, you need to add the delivery charges. On an average, you have to pay up to $230 depending upon the distance and quantity. 

Access to Area 

If your yard has no access to the vehicles carrying the sod, then your installers would need laborers to bring the sod to your lawn. This will pile up the labor and time. It will add the extra labor cost per your area’s rates.  

Ground prep work

Before laying down the sod in your lawn, you must prepare it. You have the option of choosing between DIY or seeking professional help. If you choose the latter, it will be included in your final bill. We know that ground preparation is not included in sod installation, and thus it will invite extra costs. Ground preparation needs things like removing old grass and weeds, grading and tilling the soil, installing topsoil and fertilizing. 


Typically, the labor costs include the installation cost, and the tools & equipment required to prepare, install and fertilize the new sod in your yard. On an average, the installation cost of new sod can vary from $250 to $1250. It depends upon the amount of work the installers need to accomplish compared to any DIY option. 

Average Cost of Sod Installation Near You

The average cost of sod installation is $1,850 nationwide, however, it might vary as per your location: 

DIY Sod Installation Costs

If you choose to install the sod on your own, the cost goes to around $2000 for 40 hours. Three are several factors for which you have to pay. These include the size of your yard, any obstacle you need to work and the type of grass you have chosen. If you have selected any new sod on your own, you have to do the following things: 

  • Yard Preparation: This will include ripping the weeds and grass, which should follow loosening the dirt. The grass or weed removal cost you $1,000 – $2,000. The cost of grading is around $3000. 
  • You need to test the pH levels of your soil testing kit to find out the kind of fertilizer you need.
  • You have to lay the topsoil, which will cost you around $12 to $30 per cubic yard. The top soil delivery can cost you around $15 – $200. 
  • Lay the new sod, which can cost you around $0.35 to $0.85 per square foot, to allow every row to remain staggered. Note that the long edger remains light to one another while the cut remains side by side. 

Sod Costs: DIY vs. Hiring a Professional for Sod Installation

Homeowners often carry out lawn work and landscaping activities on a DIY basis. They enjoy such activities calling it a natural activity that gives direct results for their labor in the form of lush green yards. However, for some homeowners, seeking a professional landscaping company for the same is an obvious choice as they do not want to experiment. 

Homeowners choosing the DIY option must collect the required tools to accomplish this job. These include rotollier, shovel, raake, etc. The additional cost they would need is for buying fertilizer (which can be around $50 per bag). If they rent equipment like a sod roller, they need to pay upto $150 per day. It will help in making the sod piece strong in your lawn. 

There are many homeowners who prefer calling their friends and family members to help them in installing the sod in their yards. However, it is still worth calling a professional company to accomplish the job. It can save your back and your time. Professionals have the expertise to achieve the job with great perfection. The sod installation cost will include the cost for installation, labor cost, and other things. Comparing DIY and hiring a professional, you may not get much difference. Hence the latter option is always a worthy choice. 

The sod buying exercise is easy; however, laying it on your lawn is daunting. To conclude, you only have to pay upto $1.76 per square foot for the sod and labor compared to $0.83 per square foot for the sod alone. Also, if you have bought sod on your own you still have to pay for the labor which can cost you upto $77.50 an hour. Consider hiring any professional sod installer who can keep you from the tough task. Contact Eden for a competitive service. 

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