How To Change A Spark Plug On Your Leaf Blower

If you have a tool powered by a gas engine, it has a spark plug. This small but essential part serves to ignite (spark) the engine. It should be checked before you use it in the fall as part of a regular maintenance schedule. During the ongoing use of a leaf blower, some professionals recommend you check it once a week. This acts to help decrease the instances of a build-up of corrosion or other potential problems that affect its smooth operation.

Changing the Spark Plug

If the leaf blower is not functioning correctly, the cause could be caused by several things – one of which is the spark plug. If this is the case, you need to know how to change it. While not a complex operation, it does involve you having the right tools at hand and following the instructions as stated in the leaf blower’s manual.

Be sure you have the following tools in your possession. These are:

Socket wrench

Replacement spark plug

make sure it is the type recommended in your machine’s manual. If you need to visit a hardware store to purchase one, take the old spark plug with you to make certain you get the right size for your leaf blower

Gap tool

Once you have the correct equipment in or at hand, proceed to do the following:

If you cannot see the spark wire, remove the cover off of the motor.

Once you have located the spark plug, grasp hold of the spark plug wire boot and pull or twist then pull it off of the spark plug. This action depends upon the specific brand of leaf blower you own.

Using the right size socket wrench, remove the spark plug from the motor

Before inserting the new spark plug, it is important to do one thing more – measure the gap. Consult with your owner’s manual for the right size gap. When in doubt, some professionals recommend the gap on the spark club electrode range between 0.023 inches and 0.028 inches.

Once the measurement is determined, and the electrode bent accordingly, insert the new spark plug, threading it than tightening with the socket wrench until it achieves the necessary tightness.

Replace the spark plug boot wire, making sure it snaps into place completely

Replace the cover on the motor securely

Finally, your leaf blower is now ready to go.

How to Change a Leaf Blower Spark Plug

When fall comes around, it is important to examine every component of your leaf blower before using it. Perform any maintenance task that is required, paying close attention to the specifications provided in your machine’s manual. Replace any parts requiring it. This often means replacing the spark plug.

When doing so, be sure to adhere to company specifications. An absolutely “must” during this process is the measurement of the spark plug gap following changing it. This results in the right fit. By following this procedure, you are helping to ensure your leaf blower continues to operate to its maximum optimum whenever you need it.