How to Choose Palm Trees for Your Miami Landscape

Although Miami’s scorching sun is draining, it’s ideal for growing palm trees. Therefore, it’d be best to take advantage of Florida’s weather and plant palm trees for your landscape design. With over 2,500 species, you’re not short of palm trees for your design options.

To achieve that tropical look associated with Miami in your landscape, consider planting a palm tree, as nothing screams tropical more than those.

Read on to discover ways to incorporate palm trees into your landscape design as a Miami homeowner.

Palm Trees for Landscape Design

Using palm trees for landscape design depends on several factors, including the size of the palm and the homeowner’s design need. It can shade sunny windows, create privacy around the property or serve as a backdrop for a landscape’s focal point such as a fountain.

Anchor a Flower Bed or Shrub Using a Small Palm Tree

Adding a smaller palm to your plant bed will increase your landscape’s aesthetic. It’s ideal to use a dwarf variety or a slow grower for this as the cascading fronds will improve the landscape’s look. Consider using different plants to form a backdrop of colors since this size’s palm fronds are usually green. You can go further to create a border around the garden bed and include the use of mulch to improve the overall appearance.

Bamboo palm, Cat palm, Areca palm, or Majesty palm is ideal for creating this look.

Create a Standalone Feature by Planting a Cluster of Palms

You can either use a multi-trunk palm specimen or grow a few single-trunk palm trees in one bed together to create this look. This is an effortless and simple way to incorporate that tropical feel in your landscape. Create a border, and use shrubs and ornamental grasses to enhance the existing design on your landscape.

Consider using the sugar cane palm, Christmas palm, Mediterranean fan palm, or Senegal date palm. They work beautifully in creating this look.

Use Double Row of Palms to Enhance an Important Feature

You can also go ahead and incorporate the use of double rows of palm trees to enhance the landscape design by planting them on strategic places such as the driveway, swimming pool, or the outdoor living space. It’s ideal to use very tall palm trees to achieve this look.

It’d be best to use coconut palm, sabal palm, canary palm, or Sylvester’s palm to create this look. Miami is known for its exotic tropical beaches surrounded by lots of palm trees. To enjoy that tropical look in your home, it’s pertinent you plant some palm trees. Eden, the leading landscaping service in Miami and Florida generally, is available to cater to all your landscaping needs. Our experts are a phone call away to give your landscape that befitting tropical look you desire by planting the right palm tree for your landscape based on your needs.

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