How to Choose Snow Removal Contractors in Chicago?

The morning after winter’s first storm, you’re rushing to work and poof!, all your swiftness, enthusiasm and zest goes out as a put of flame. All thanks to the thick snow cover that has blocked the driveway.

Now, if you don’t want to shovel snow yourself, let’s see how to zero down on a snow removal service which is reliable and well-equipped to ensure that it is one of the best to cater to all your needs?

Read on to know how to choose a snow removal company and the important things to follow. To begin with take a look at the below 6 points to ensure they are followed by the snow removal companies.

  • Safety in Winters, Liability of the Snow and Ice along with Risk Management
  • Estimating of the Snow Removal Cost, Proper Planning, and Cost Effectiveness
  • Management and Responsiveness of snow removal
  • Quality Check
  • Proactive Client Communication
  • Certified Snow Professional or Certification
  • Expertise and Professionalism

Once you have shortlisted the companies following the above mentioned parameters, know for yourself as to what services do you need exactly. It’s time to understand the differences between the services and finalizing them.

Plowing or Removal:

Are you looking out for snow removal or snow plowing? Well, here’s the difference. Removal of snow from out of your way is plowing while hauling the snow away from your vicinity is snow removal. Since the latter requires more equipment and manpower the cost will obviously be higher than the former.

Targeted Portion of your Vicinity:

Generally, the priority for maximum Chicago dwellers like you is to have a clear, accessible driveway. Although as the norms of the American Municipalities state removal of snow from the public sidewalk abutting your land is a must at the risk of a citation. So, it purely depends on you as the owner when and which part of the land is to be targeted.

Customized Services:

To accommodate your work schedule you may want snow removal service at off hours. Or at times extra-clear pathways and driveways are needed at certain occasions. Those are the times when snow removal services near me can be googled and on-spot service can be attained.

Things to enquire prior to selecting snow removal services:

  • How do they price snow removal?
  • Are the services rendered on a monthly basis, weekly basis or bi-weekly?
  • Is a single snow clearing session possible?
  • By what time will they clear your driveway?
  • Is automated snow removal possible? What will trigger a visit, as in how many inches of snowfall?
  • Promptness of the service during emergency times?
  • How is the disposal of the cleared snow taken care of?

If you are looking for a professional snow removal company who consistently follows all the guidelines and is prompt with their snow removal services, catering to the entire Chicago, then EDEN is one such service provider who can help you work through these factors until you are fully satisfied.

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