How To Choose The Best Snow Removal Service

Winter and snow go hand-in-hand in many cities and towns across North America. In Minneapolis MN, Philadelphia PA, and Toronto ON, the winter forecast always includes snow. For those who embrace this precipitation, getting up and seeing several inches of the white stuff is exhilarating. They are thinking of ski trips, snowmobile rides, and even snow kiting.

snowmobile rides

However, a certain amount of the general populace does not deal well with snow. While some may be able to escape to the warm climate of Naples Florida or to sunny Las Angeles California, others are stuck. They have to go to work. Their children need to get to school. Shopping has to be done. And sidewalks need to be cleared of all ice and snow, or they can be fined.

The answer for some may be purchasing a John Deere snow plow for their garden tractor or to buy a snow blower. Others may coax a neighbor or a neighbor’s kid into plowing their driveway out. Still, others are sensible. They check their smartphone and find a third-party service such as Edenapp on edenapp.com, Apple, or Android. They use them to locate a snow removal service.

John Deere snow plow

Finding a Snow Removal Service

While a third-party service may provide the resources, it is imperative you do some leg work first. To find the best snow removal service for your needs, you have to know exactly what you want and need. Ask yourself the following:

· Do you want the snow plowed and left in your back or front yard, or do you want it actually plowed and then removed? Generally, the former is less expensive than the latter is.

· How much of your property requires clearing from snow? Do you want the driveway free from snow? Do you need the sidewalks done as well? What about the walkways and sideways to your home and back yard? Do you want a patio cleared? If you are a commercial property owner or manage an apartment building, you need to know the exact square footage of parking lot as well as walkways requiring snow removal and/or snow plowing.

· Do you have any specific hours you want the work performed?

· Are there any special requirements? For example, do you want a company that uses environmentally-friendly products? Do you want extra care to be given to a specific area because of a disability?

environmentally-friendly products

· Do you want to arrange for a winter contract or would you prefer a just-in-time or as required.

All these are factors you need to consider in addition to one very important one – your budget. How much can you actually afford to pay a snow plow contractor or snow removal service?

Selecting the Best Snow Removal Service

After you know what you want, you can move ahead to the actual selection process. This requires you compiling a list of providers and checking their references, online presence, and other sources to see if they not only comply with your requirements but possess the following qualities:

· Reliability

· Efficiency

·  Technologically well-equipped

· Possess a current business license as well as and commercial drivers’ licenses for their snow plow operators

· Have proof they are properly and adequately insured including liability insurance and workers’ compensation

· Are up-front about contracts, different services, and costs

By reading and even heeding the above, you are reducing the risk of paying someone who does not even know the definition of best, let alone deliver the best snow removal services to your property on time and at the stated price.

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