How to Find Free Mulch for Your Yard

Mulching is essential in maintaining a healthy lawn. As a homeowner, you don’t need to look far to get loads of high-quality free mulch. You also don’t have to spend several dollars on bags or truckloads of mulch for your yard or flower beds.

You can easily find free mulch in your back yard, in your street, or even in the city. Read on to discover various ways of getting free mulch. 

Best Ways You Can Get Free Mulch

Tree Care Service

You can get free mulch from woodchips tree care services make while pruning, cutting down, or removing a tree. Your local tree care company can offer to bring you truckloads of free mulch instead of taking them to the landfill if you ask. Ensure you create ample space for them to dump it. Woodchips make good mulch because of its ability to moderate the soil’s temperature, retain moisture, and decompose slowly. The wood chips may include leaves, wood, and barks. Therefore, its diversity allows the mulch to decompose at varying rates leading to biologically diverse soil.

Your City

Most towns deliver a free mulch program that can be an avenue to get quality and clean mulch. You only need to pick it up at the designated location, like a park. Don’t forget to bring containers, bags, and a shovel. Usually, free mulch is available after Christmas as most cities recycle Christmas trees to mulch.

Backyard Leaves

Shred your leaves with a lawnmower and use them as mulch instead of bagging them. Shredding and using foliage as mulch is an effective way of getting rid of huge piles of leaves, especially during the fall. Leaving weeds on the lawn can invite mold to your yard when they become soggy. When used as mulch, leaves add nutrients to the soil and help to control weed as they decompose.

Grass Clippings

You can use the grass clippings gotten from mowing your lawn as mulch instead of throwing them away. It’s ideal to use dried clippings as fresh ones may create a matted moist barrier that stops water from entering the soil. Dried grass clippings provide good weed-resistant mulch. Also, the mulch contains adequate nitrogen, which makes it perfect for vegetable gardens.

Pine Needles

Pine needles are another source of free mulch since they decompose slowly while adding a pleasant smell to your landscape. They also enable nutrients, air, and water to penetrate the soil. You don’t have to break the bank to get enough mulch and enjoy a healthy lawn regularly. Consider checking for free available sources around you. If you have any questions regarding your lawn maintenance, our experts at Eden Services are always available to help.