How To Get Rid Of Rabbits

How To Get Rid Of Rabbits?

You can get rid of rabbits by maintaining your yard, buildings traps and installing fences among others. Though children love the fluffy, big-eared bunny hopping around your yard but these critters can widespread havoc on your landscape, yards and garden while foraging for food. 

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Rabbits have razor-sharp teeth that allow them to cut through vegetation of any kind, such as leafy green plants, like carrots, broccoli, strawberries, etc. Besides this, rabbits also ruin the landscape by burrowing tunnels under the garden or yard which leaves unsightly spots of turned soil and create tripping hazard. Rabbits also tend to produce at a faster rate. For instance a 30-day pregnancy can create around 12 offspring every time. This means that soon after a rabbit infestation, you may find a whole gang of rabbits running amok in your backyard, ruining the well-designed landscape and your efforts. 

Apart from this, rabbits are quite smart and elusive which makes controlling their infestation a lot more difficult. Hence, if you have an extensive rabbit infestation, it is strongly advised to call professional pest control or consult leading gardening experts, such as Eden for support. However, you can take care of smaller rabbit infestations with simple DIY homemade remedies and some common products. 

3 Tips to get rid of Rabbits

1. Maintain your backyard

An over-grown, unkempt yard will definitely attract rabbits as these elusive pests love the cover of tall grass. You can start preventing rabbits from infesting your yard by maintaining it well. Here are the simple steps to maintain your backyard so you can prevent rabbit infestation:

Step 1 

Make sure to mow the grass at least once a week and remove the grass clippings so the rabbits don’t have a food source attracting them. Apart from this, you will also need to carefully trim overgrown vegetation and pull weeds. Make sure to remove the piles of sticks, trimmings, branches, woods and other debris as these provide the perfect hiding spot for rabbits. 

Step 2

Next, you may want to search your property for rabbit burrows and holes. These often indicate the presence of rabbits as they take shelter in these burrows during the rain and cold weather. If you find any burrow or hole, you should immediately fill it with dirt or gravel. 

2. Install rabbit traps

Install rabbit traps

Despite keeping your yard well-maintained, you may still face a rabbit infestation. This is where humane rabbit traps come handy. These traps are often the best solution to get rid of a small group of rabbits that may be burrowing in your garden or yard. Once you catch the rabbits, you can safely release them somewhere miles away from your property, preferably in the wild. 

Here’s how to use a humane rabbit trap to get rid of rabbit infestation:

Step 1 

You can buy a “cage trap’’ or “live trap” which can easily capture a 3-4 lbs. rabbit, from any home center or hardware store. These traps usually cost around USD 40 to USD 50. Make sure to wear protective gloves when handling and readying the trap, as rabbits can detect and be deterred by human scent. Then, follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Pest control experts advise to lay the rabbit trap in a shady, sheltered area of the yard, preferably near vegetation. You can use lettuce and carrots as bait for the trap. 

Step 2

You will need to check the trap multiple times in a day. These traps are designed to capture small rodents and rabbits without harming them, as soon as they enter the trap and trigger the bait. Rabbits get stressed quickly when caged so make sure to release them away from your property as soon as you find them. 

Step 3

When you find a rabbit trapped in the live trap, you can carry the entire cage to a wooded, grassy area at least 10 miles from your home and release the animal. 

3. Install fences

Installing a fence is probably the best way to repel large numbers of rabbits from your property. The following steps will show you how to install a backyard barrier to prevent rabbit infestation:

Step 1

Buy a chicken wire fence and stakes from your local hardware store. Make sure that the mesh holes in the chicken wire are only 1-inch in diameter, and not more as most adults can squeeze through incredibly small gaps. 

Once you reach home, you will first need to plan and mark the area you intend to fence. Make sure to dig at least 6 to 8 inches underground as rabbits can easily slip under shallow fences by burrowing from one side to the other. Make sure to install the fence with at least 6 inches buried underground. 

Step 2

You can cut the roll of chicken wire to the required length using a wire-cutter. To make the fence effective, you will need to install the wire to create a 36-inch tall fence above-ground with at least 6 to 8 inches of its buried under the ground. So, the total height of the fence will be around 42 to 44 inches tall. 

Step 3

Next, you should check the perimeter and drive a stake into the ground every 6 feet, using a hammer. This is a good distance to drive stakes for a chicken wire fence so that the fence remains strong and stable. This way, you can effectively stop the rabbit from creating space to slip through. Make sure to choose stakes that are at least 4 feet tall, with a foot buried underground and three feet above-ground, the same height as the chicken wire. 

Step 4

Make sure to fasten the roll of chicken wire to the stakes using hooks or staples. There should not be gaps with overlapping so make sure to secure the edges to the stakes as best as you can. 

Step 5

If required, you can even install a garden gate to pass through the fence. You can take four pieces of 1×1 lumber attached together with wood screws. Make sure that the side length of the gate is the same as the height of the chicken wire fence. You can staple the chicken wire to the interior of the frame, before attaching one side of the gate to a stake with hinges. You can attach the other side of the gate to a stake with a latch, which you can use to open and lock the door shut. 


It is easy to get rid of rabbits from your lawn or yard by either maintaining your yard, putting humane traps or by erecting a strong fence around the property. These are effective ways to get rid of, and prevent rabbit infestation. You can seek additional help from professionals, such as Eden for help to get rid of rabbits from your property. 

Lawn care is all in the details, and we take care of every single one to give you the lawn of your dreams. Contact us today!

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