How To Landscape Around Trees?

You can create stunning landscapes around trees by spreading mulch, creating a shade or succulent garden or even by adding a deck or patio, among other options. If you plant a tree in the middle of the yard, it may look out of place. However, by landscaping around the tree you can make the surrounding area look more attractive. This is a great way to enhance the appeal of your garden and improve your property’s curb value at the same time

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Mature trees give shade and add beauty to your yard or garden but the area around their roots looks barren. The thirsty roots of the growing tree use all the water while the heavy branches prevent sunlight from reaching the soil, which in turn prevents the growth of foliage near tree roots. 

Luckily, with our expert landscaping tips on how to landscape around trees, you can easily add character and texture to the area around their roots. 

Tips to Landscape around Trees

1. Spread mulch

Spread mulch

You can start by putting a layer of mulch that covers the exposed roots. This way, you can add a splash of color to the barren area at the base of the tree. The choice of color and type of mulch is up to you. If you plant flowers, such as crocuses in the mulch around the tree base you will see distinct bright colors in the spring. You can even choose to plant some green within the brown mulch for contrast. 

2. Create a shade garden

You may have thought that a small garden at the base of the big tree may not flourish due to lack of ample sunlight. However, there are plenty of shade plants that will thrive in the shady part surrounding a big tree. 

shade garden

For instance, magnolias, hostas, coral bells and impatiens are excellent to grow a shade garden. Once you plant these blooming plants around the tree’s base you can make it look even more appealing by adding a stone path to guide through the garden. This path will make it easier to access the garden and help with easy maintenance. 

3. Erect a retaining wall

A retaining wall around the tree can give a uniform look to the yard and also create a stunning focal point. A retaining wall made of pavers or stone will add a distinct charm and beauty to the tree, instead of showing the bare roots and patchy grass at its base. Retaining walls are also a remedy for erosion problems or hilly terrain near the tree.

4. Plant bright flowers

Why should your tree stand alone in the garden? You can simply plant some flowers around it to give it company. The bright-colored blooms are a sure way to attract your guests’ focus from the barren tree trunk to the brightly-colored flowers carpeting the ground around it. In the same way, you can go a step further by creating an entire flower bed with the tree as the high focal point, adding incredible attraction to the garden or yard. 

5. Put night lighting

Why shouldn’t your hard work be visible after sunset? If designed right, landscape lighting accentuates the design around tall trees, highlights the architecture of the house and also provides security when you step outside after dark. 

night lighting

Landscape lighting at the base of big trees is also a perfect way to set the mood. If you are looking to relax with friends in the garden or yard, then night lights near the tree will make the garden look more appealing and safe too. 

6. Install a patio or deck around the tree

This might sound a bit strange but building a deck or patio around a big tree gives a significantly dramatic effect and may even become the focal point of the entire neighborhood. Imagine a tree growing right from your outdoor living space it can give you a closer connection to the nature as you lounge near it, under its cool shade. 

A deck or patio around a tree not only looks dramatic and unique but also gives you a shady spot to lounge on hot summer days. However, this design idea requires significant maintenance as trees change shape while growing which can affect the area on the patio or deck. 

7. Plant succulents

Though most types of succulents prefer sunlight, even a few hours of direct sunlight or high temperatures can scorch these plants. The big tree will actually benefit the growth of succulents as it will ensure ample shade and coverage and protecting the succulents from hot weather and too much sun. 

Succulents come in a variety of shapes and sizes. A succulent garden looks gorgeous. It adds a distinct texture and color to the surrounding landscape. However, make sure you know the basics of growing succulents before embarking on this DIY gardening project. 

8. Make a quiet spot

The huge shady area around the big tree in your yard or garden makes it the ideal spot to set up a quiet personal space. You can relax, read a book, or listen to music while enjoying a cup of tea. This shady area under the huge tree can easily become your private quiet place. You can install a hammock, or a comfortable bench under the tree. You can even choose the kind of plants and flowers you like by planting these around the tree’s base. Some landscaping experts, such as Eden, advise on installing a bird bath or a small water feature to add a serene look to the area. 

9. Edging


Creating edges is excellent to highlight specific aspects of your lawn or yard. It is also practically useful as it holds the mulch in place and also keeps curios pets from digging and damaging the tree’s roots. If you want visitors to admire the stunning palm tree, you should think about edging the tree’s base with small stones or bricks, with added layers of textured mulch for character. The mulch continues to nourish the tree and makes it grow strong and attractive while the edging keeps the mulch from being washed or eroded away apart from providing a stark contrast with the tree’s base. 


You can landscape around trees using textured mulch, planting flowers or succulents and by creating a deck, patio or a quiet spot near the tree. Big trees often end up becoming the main attraction of your garden, especially when you accentuate them with contrasting aspects. 


From selecting the right seasonal plants to installing an outdoor kitchen, our landscaping services can do it all for you. Contact us today for a stunning landscape!

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