Landscape for Privacy

How to Landscape for Privacy?

There are several incredible options to landscape for privacy, including wood lattice fences, vines, a simple roof, privacy hedges, privacy fence, among others. Privacy is one of the most important aspects for homeowners. Everyone wants to have privacy where their affairs are their own. The best way to ensure privacy on your property is by following these inventive landscaping ideas.

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According to landscaping experts at Eden, here are the best ways to landscape for privacy:

1. Wood Lattice fence

A wood lattice fence around the yard can help you get inventive with the level of privacy you desire. This is a flexible landscape design that keeps your kids and pets safe in the yard. It also allows you to share a few nice words with your neighbor too.

However, if you prefer complete privacy from outsiders, you can add hanging potted plants along the fence. You can also add greenery wrapping around the fence beams and posts with climbing roses, ivy, etc. These green solutions end up adding an exotic texture and color to your yard while also offering optional privacy.

2. Vines

Vines can add a distinct classical atmosphere to the yard and also provide significant privacy at the same time. Your yard will acquire a unique charm and elegance and the plants will offer a significantly thick cover around your fence. This is an excellent, aesthetically appealing solution to keep nosy neighbors away. 

You can choose to plant vines, like creeping fig or Boston ivy as these are excellent at blocking traffic noises and will offer you complete privacy in your yard. 

3. Roof

A simple roof can be the ideal solution to achieve optimal privacy. This method helps to block the view of the neighbors from the upper floors. It can also serve as a sky fence and also provide shade in the summer. Besides this, roofs can be aesthetically pleasing aspects that complement your outdoor aesthetics efficiently.

You can choose to hang petunias, or even decorative lights, and enjoy a cozy evening outdoor in your yard.

4. Privacy Hedge

A privacy hedge is the perfect way to add privacy to your natural-looking lawn. This is a living barrier and is excellent at absorbing noise, reducing dust, blocking wind and encourages wildlife into your lawn. Well-maintained hedges look inviting to birds and small animals. Privacy hedges also protect the birds and small animals from getting trapped in the lawn, as with a non-living barrier, like a simple fence. 

You can choose to create a clipped hedge with attractive design to turn your yard into an appealing place. Make sure to consult with expert landscapers, such as Eden, before embarking on erecting a privacy hedge around your yard or property. The reason is that deciduous hedges tend to lose all their leaves in fall, though they do offer some level of privacy. 

However, an evergreen hedge will provide privacy all year round, even in the snowy winter months. 

5. Privacy Fence

A privacy fence is one of the most common ways to ensure privacy for homeowners. This is ideal if you have a small space and cannot spare space to grow living barriers, like vines or hedges. Though fences look less natural, this can be easily solved by adding a few flowery shrubs and plants along the inside of the fence. This way you can spruce up your yard significantly. 

Wood is the most popular material to build a privacy fence as it add a natural look to the lawn and can also be easily maintained by staining or painting it to match the rest of your outdoor aesthetic. Privacy fences are incredibly affordable as compared to living barriers, which usually require regular trimming, fertilization and watering. 

6. Curtains

Curtains are another excellent and affordable choice to ensure privacy in your yard without compromising on its aesthetic appeal. You can hang curtains around a gazebo, pergola, porch or back deck. These provide you with shade and also offer privacy to your outdoor spaces. If you have been planning a romantic dinner outside but were concerned about neighbors interrupting you, this is an excellent solution. 

7. Trees and plants

If you like to see butterflies and hummingbirds flocking to your yard then you can choose to put tall plants, small trees or large bushes along your property line. You can create extremely appealing barriers by just planting ornamental grass, tall sunflowers or stunning hydrangea bushes

Besides this, planting trees is also an added benefit as you don’t have to search for hooks to hang your hammock now. These living barriers not only enhance your yard’s aesthetic appeal but also help to control pollution and promote clean air. Apart from this, trees tend to add value to your property and enhance the resale value of your home. 

8. Gate

A simple gate is another option to landscape for privacy. You can keep away uninvited neighbors from walking all across your lawn with a gate. Besides this, gates offer flexibility and allow you to open or lock the entrance to your property at any time. 

9. Retaining Wall

A retaining wall can help you to create a stylish barrier. You should consider planting flower beds atop the retaining walls, complement it with colorful stones or an attractive water fountain, or simply build it around your property. 

Retaining walls are low maintenance and also help to prevent soil erosion on hilly terrains and inclines. 

10. Shelved barrier

A shelved barrier is simple a fence or wall with some shelves fixed into the sides. These shelves can be used to place gnomes, pots or other garden ornaments. This way, you can add personality and give a distinct look to your yard.


There are several different options when it comes to landscaping for privacy. You can erect living barriers, such as privacy hedges, small trees, large bushes or you can use non-living materials and create privacy fences and retaining walls. These solutions are incredibly appealing to look at and also provide optimal privacy to homeowners and their families within the property. 

From selecting the right seasonal plants to installing an outdoor kitchen, our landscaping services can do it all for you. Contact us today for a stunning landscape!

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