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How to Maintain Your Garden in Chicago’s Winter

As the fall season is gradually winding down and we are about to enter the winter months, it’s pertinent that Chicago homeowners find ways to protect their gardens so they can withstand the harsh winter season. It’s often challenging gardening during winter because of the snow, so consider paying attention to your garden now. When you put in the extra work on your garden, it might even continue to bloom well into the spring season. Read on to discover ways to maintain your garden as a Chicago homeowner during the winter. 

Winters in Chicago

Winter in Chicago is usually characterized by lots of snow and chilly temperatures. Sometimes, there are steady snowstorms, while at another time, there will be little or no snow, but the weather will be too cold, these weather conditions affects your garden plants.

How to Keep Your Garden Healthy in Winters

There are several ways to keep your garden healthy before the winter season begins, and even during the winter months. Here are a few of them:

Track the Climate Conditions

Consider placing a barometer or thermometer in your garden to help you accurately track the weather. This precautionary move will help you learn to detect the exact weather condition so you can prepare ahead of time. To achieve accuracy, consider placing the equipment far from the sun’s direct exposure and watch whether the barometer will fluctuate. If the barometer quickly fluctuates, it’s a sign indicating unstable weather.

Protect From Harsh Winds

Winds are a common occurrence during winter and are damaging to your plants, especially the young and delicate ones. To stop the wind from uprooting them, consider using a hammer to fix a stake in the ground around the plants, and then use a burlap barrier to wrap them. Consider using the burlap barrier to wrap around young tree trunks to shield them from hard winter winds.

Cover Small Plants

One of the ways you can protect small garden plants from harsh winter weather is to cover them with plastic bags, flowerpots, laundry baskets, etcetera. Consider covering them with blanket or quilt at night to protect them from light frosts and dropped temperatures.

Invest in Greenhouse

One of the professional, albeit time-consuming and expensive ways to protect garden plants during winter is to invest in a greenhouse. A greenhouse is perfect for keeping frost out and retaining heats. Therefore, consider putting all the delicate, young, and small plants in it to allow them to thrive throughout the winter months. Using the methods mentioned earlier will guarantee your garden will thrive without sustaining any damages throughout the winter months. However, if they seem challenging to accomplish or you don’t have time to invest on these tricks, contact Eden landscaping and snow removal services. We offer professional lawn care, landscaping, and snow removal services to Chicago homeowners. Call our experts now to learn more of our services and get a quote so that we can get started on your landscaping or lawn maintenance needs.

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