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Weeds growing out of driveways, patios, and sidewalks are a thing of constant annoyance to me and I’m sure I speak for most homeowners. I, sometimes, find it baffling how these grasses manage to grow better in crevices than on lawns. It’s mind-boggling how these grasses survive because pavement surfaces are hot and dry, and plants aren’t meant to survive there due to the temperature.

Weeds that grow through the cracks in the pavements tend to be hard to control. If you decide to pluck out the top of the grass, without ensuring to uproot it completely, the plant will grow again. Therefore, to get rid of these unsightly and annoying plants, here are tips to help you. But first, let’s discuss plants’ affinity to crevices.

Why Plants Like Crevices

Despite the high temperature of the pavement, weeds survive. That’s because the driveway and sidewalk holds a high amount of soil and retains moisture a lot longer than other parts of your yard. Thus, it’s easier for any plants that manage to fall inside the crack to grow.

How to Control Grass and Weeds

Using fabric barriers such as landscaping fabrics under the pavers is an effective way to control weed growth. You’ll need to ensure the ground is cleared of weed first, else the plants will still find their way into the fabric and be more difficult to remove.

Combine the fabric with gravel in between rocks and pavers, and you will have sufficiently suppressed the weeds.

Don’t stress over selecting the right product or completing the application. Eden has professionals on stand-by to complete.

Other Ways to Remove Weeds

Boiling Water

By boiling water and slowly pouring it on the weed, the entire plant down to its root will die due to the extreme heat of the hot water. Ensure you apply it so that the roots are well doused with the hot water.

Kitchen Vinegar

Regular old vinegar can help you get rid of weeds. Mixing one gallon of vinegar with one cup of salt and one cup of lemon juice will ensure its more active. You can even add in two tablespoons of dish soap to make it stick more. Aim to get a hold of pickling, or horticultural vinegar, they’re more effective than white vinegar.

Propane Torch

Using a propane blow torch can help you get rid of that stubborn weed.  You can use the type used by plumbers for soldiering repairs, or you can use the long-handled propane weed-killer, which allows you to torch weeds from a standing position. Just be careful not to torch dry grasses to avoid starting a fire.

Seal Cracks

Weeds can only grow where there is space. If there are no cracks and crevices, the plants won’t find a place to grow. Ensure you inspect your pavements at least once a year, so you can spot and seal off cracks where the weeds might be tempted to grow. You can also use mortar or masonry caulk to seal them off.


Using these secure, do-it-yourself methods can work but only for a little while. Weeds can be stubborn and hard to kill, and if like me, you can’t stand their presence in your driveway, sidewalks, and patio, consider getting a professional to get rid of it.At Eden, experts are available to help you eliminate those annoying weeds and make your landscape a beauty once again.


Don’t stress over selecting the right product or completing the application. Eden has professionals on stand-by to complete.
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