How to Select Water Efficient Plants in Hamilton, ON

One of the best ways to reduce your outdoor watering is by growing native plants in your garden. Look for native plants in Hamilton that can thrive regardless of the climate and will require less watering and maintenance. It’d be best if you replace grass with a low-maintenance, attractive, and water-wise option of drought-resistant plants. Read on to discover what these native plants for Hamilton gardeners are and how to select water-efficient ones for your garden.

Hamilton, ON Climatic Conditions

The weather condition in Hamilton is always alternating between warm for summer months, partly cloudy all year, and windy, dry, and freezing during winter. However, for the rest of the year, the temperature is hardly above 88 degrees Fahrenheit or below 2 degrees Fahrenheit.

Water Efficient Plant Selection

Consider choosing plants that are drought-resistant or low water use when trying to design your landscape water-efficiently. This practice will ensure the plant continues to thrive despite the weather condition and little need for supplemental watering.

Selecting the Native Plants for Your Garden

Before selecting any native plant, ensure it’s suitable for the area you wish to plant it. For instance, planting a native tree that grows well near a body of water in a hot concrete driveway will ensure it doesn’t grow as it should. To be sure of what will suit your yard, contact a professional landscaping service like Eden for advice.

Which Are the Garden Plants?

Some examples of Hamilton, ON native garden plants are:


This perennial plant is native to both eastern North America and Canada. Also called bloodwort, puccoon, or Canada puccoon, bloodroots usually appear in leaf and flowery shape.


This perennial is usually seen in woodland areas more than in cultivated gardens. Mayapple with its umbrella-like leaves is shade-tolerant and forms colonies quickly.

Ostrich Fern

This Hamilton native plant often grows three to six feet tall and spread at the same length. They usually grow in vase shape-like clumps known as crowns, while the fronds are arching, showy, and plume-like like an ostrich’s.

Foam Flower

Tiarella or foam flower is a shade-loving woodland foliage plant. They produce attractive, small flowers on green foliage. This low maintenance plant can thrive for years in your garden without losing vigor.


This native perennial woodland plant is characterized by hooded, cylindrical, and green flowers with brown stripes. However, the leaves also have three parts. Jack-in-the-pulpit usually grows 30 to 65 centimeters tall and thrives in moist woodlands.

Eden Landscaping Services in Hamilton

The benefits of growing native plants in your garden are enormous. It helps you save on water, saves you the time and stress of maintaining the plant, and you still get to support local ecology. However, you may need a professional to help you make the right native plant choice for your garden. Eden landscaping service is the leading landscaping company for Hamilton homeowners. Contact us today to discover more of our services or get a quote.