How to Treat Patchy Grass

Patchy bald spots in the lawn are quite an eye-sore. These bald spots can come as a result of the summer’s heat or from pet’s activities on your lawn.

Here, we have prepared some quick, easy fixes that can help you repair patchy areas in your lawn and revitalize the grass resulting in a lush look for your yard.

What is Patchy Grass?

Patchy grasses are the dead, bald spots evident in the lawn resulting from wear or the effect of the weather, chemical spillage, or diseases.

How to Repair Thin or Bald Spots in Your Lawn

Thin or bald spots in your lawn can be easily fixed by patching them. You’ll need to buy grass seeds, then plant and water it to ensure adequate growth. The type of seed you purchase will determine the planting style. An example is a standard grass type, which requires the dead area to be cut off, including a few inches off the grasses top before its use.

Fixing Small Sections of the Lawn

It’s ideal to start from repairing small sections of the yard when fixing patchy grass in your lawn. Consider getting a seed patch and repair product. First, loosen the soil by raking the ground, apply the seed and water daily. Although new seed needs more frequent watering, there’s a need to exercise caution to avoid overwatering, to prevent the new seeds from drowning. Patch and repair products usually come with mulch, which helps the soil retain water, keep the seeds moist enough, and improve germination speed.

Fixing Large Thin and Patchy Section of the Lawn

If the patchy areas of your lawn are huge, it’s best to overseed or entirely reseed it to revitalize the grass. Use the same method for fixing bald spots to apply the seeds to the whole lawn. Start by thoroughly raking your lawn to remove debris like dead leaves. Spread the seed over the entire yard, cover with a half-inch topsoil. Rake again to ensure the seeds properly get into the grass, then water in the morning and evenings to facilitate the turf’s growth.

Use the Big Tools for a Lawn Overhaul

It’d be best if you aerate your lawn with a core aerator before seeding. The peak seasons, such as early fall or spring, are the perfect time to reseed a lawn. Timing is crucial when maintaining a yard since weather conditions such as heat and humidity affect plant growth. Therefore, it’s necessary to reseed at the appropriate times in the season.

Maintaining Your Lawn After Repairs

Once your lawn is back to shape, you need to focus on lawn maintenance. Proper fertilization, regular watering, weed control and prevention, and lawn pests’ control are necessary to maintain a healthy and lush lawn. Feeding and seeding your lawn, coupled with regular watering, will prevent your yard from having patchy grass. Once your grass is healthy, invest time in maintaining it, limiting the chances of a patchy area springing up. Contact Eden services for professional advice on how best to rid yourself of patchy grasses.